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Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Main Office: 11 South Meridian Street | Indianapolis | IN | 46204
Phone: 317-236-1313 | Fax: 317-231-7433

Barnes & Thornburg LLP - Reviews

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The Barnes & Thornburg LLP received a favorable assessment and strong recommendation from the source.
Jun 08, 2023 - Former Employee
Full time 2021 Former Employee

5.Former EmployeeGreat FirmAssociate Attorney in Indianapolis, INRecommendProsFriendly people, great pay, great cultureConsLots of projects and hours

Life at B&T
Mar 19, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2018 Former Employee

I believe it is obvious where there should be improvement. I don't believe that I could think of anything else. It is a good place to work and there is really no place perfect.

I worked at B&T in the Chicago office for a long time. It was a very good place to work. I enjoyed the small firm feeling even though we were growing leaps and bounds. It was exciting because there was always something new going on. I enjoyed the socials that the firm sponsored. There were not too many attorneys that you could not get along with and the Office Manager was very understanding. The firm was open to ideas from the support staff to a good degree.

The attorneys that you could not get along with, which were very few. However, they made life pretty miserable. Sometimes you felt that there was no one on your side and that the attorney was always correct, without listening to a reason why something was done. These are things that happen at a lot of firms so it is nothing new nor do you expect it to be any other way. Just learn to deal with it and hope you can find someone to listen to your side.

You know which partners they are and why. Again, there are not very many and the firm tries to work with both sides of a confrontation so no one feels they are treated unfairly.

The people, the openness in trying new ideas, the social functions, the new offices, equipment current, meetings to discuss any questions, training sessions on software (old and new), enough room in your cubicle

A Challenging Firm
Dec 18, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

They need to find a way to distribute the workload between the firm more efficiently. It becomes hard to find a balance between work and life with the amount of work that comes in and out of this firm. The staff also needs to create more opportunities for employees to seek further advancement within the law firm.

This is an amazing firm that challenges you and expands your horizons on all fronts. The firm provides competitive salaries and well paid time off for employees. I've worked with talented attorneys at the firm that pushed me further and beyond in my abilities as an attorney. It was a pleasure working with the firm and friends I made here.

Further advancement within the law firm is difficult. Finding a balance between work and life is also a challenge as the workload here is rough and touch. With the amount of effort needed to succeed here, it would seem advancement within the firm would come naturally.

A Law Firm to Start
Oct 26, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

This firm needs to consider paying their employees more, especially the ones who have worked longer. This would help motivate them to work harder.

This firm was an awesome place to work for the first few years. Training was done well and the hours were very consistent. I felt that I had a good work and home life balance.

The problem with this firm is that raises are rarely given out. I worked at the firm for several years and did not get a raise once and or know of anyone else to receive one. We also don't receive any bonuses for our work and it's hard to be motivated when there is nowhere to move up.

Challenging, but very rewarding and enjoyable
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

My advice is that you must have belief in your abilities and focus on your work. You can achieve great heights in this firm if you work well and show full dedication.

I worked as an attorney at Barnes & Thornburg LLP for more than 7 years. My manager was amazing and encouraging and recognized all my work. My whole team was really friendly and makes me feel so welcome. Good rewards are there in terms of promotions and other perks.

Long hours, occasional Saturdays and time Management is difficult due to the amount of daily cases. Time Management can be a challenge as many clients are emailing requests and opening cases in a day.

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