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Litchfield Cavo LLP.
Main Office: 303 West Madison Street, Suite 300 | Chicago | IL | 60606
Phone: 312-781-6677 |

Litchfield Cavo LLP. - Reviews

Litchfield Cavo LLP. - Reviews

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The Competitive Law Firm
Aug 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

The firm needs to look at how to improve the level of respect amongst staff and management. Seminars and workshops should be required to close the gap of division between attorneys, staff and management.

The salary for employees is very competitive amongst other law firms in the area. The work schedule is very open. A variety of work is very occurring.

There are too few employees. Using software is difficult because they don't have adequate resources like megabytes to run it. Attorneys are limited to the number of space they have to save their emails.

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