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Beware These 5 Things When Hiring Recent Law School Grads: The Good, the Bad & the Smugly

Summary: Great lawyers are made by senior associates and partners. Know what to look for in choosing candidates and know what needs to be done to make your next hire a worthy member—and maybe even a star—of your firm.

The Top Attributes of Law Firms Leaders: Characteristics of the Most Effective and Loved Law Firm Leaders

Summary: Do you have a natural leader in your law firm? If not, one needs to be established ASAP.

What Millenial Lawyers Want, Need, Demand and Cry About: How Law Firms Can Cope With Babies

Summary: Millennials have now become part of the legal landscape. What have you done within your law firm culture to prepare for their arrival?

The New Generation of Lawyers, and How They Will Topple the Old Legal Guard

Summary: If you want your lawyers and law firm to stay relevant, you need to read this article about how law firms need to modernize how they run and who they represent.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Legal Industry

Summary: Learn how A.I. is currently affecting law firms and the legal industry and how it will affect future associate and legal staff positions.

Top 3 Key Employment and Labor Law Issues in 2017

Summary: If your law firm practices employment and labor law you should read this article to find out what the biggest 3 employment law issues are this year.

5 Big Trends All Law Firm HR Departments Should Look at

Summary: There are five big trends that will help mold the human resources departments in law firms to innovative departments that shape the future of the law firm.

7 Challenges Facing Law Firms in 2016

Summary: Law firms face many challenges in the coming year with changes in technology and overall attitudes towards the legal industry.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms in 2016

Summary: The country is evolving towards a digital lifestyle, so law firms have to jump on board and learn what their audiences want.

Will the Digital Age Wipe Out Law Firms?

Summary: In the ever-changing field of law, experts argue that firms that refuse to change their archaic ways will be left behind as firms that embrace technology will rise to the top of the market.

Why Law Firms Are Permanently Changing Their Structures

Summary: Mergers and new hires have permanently altered the traditional law firm model.

Big Data and Its Impacts on the Legal Profession

Summary: Once the legal industry fully embraces the positive changes Big Data can bring, the profession may be revolutionized—for the better.

Will Robots Replace Attorneys?

Summary: Many law firm heads are convinced that artificial intelligence will eventually complete many of the tasks that attorneys are currently assigned.

How Will Law Firms Increase Growth?

Summary: With the legal realm still suffering from the 2008 financial downturn, how can law firms increase their chances of growth?

Law Firms Are Working Like It’s 1995

Summary: Though many technological advances have been introduced to the legal world, many firms are slow to catch up. However, to remain profitable and relevant, firms may need to begin considering more legal tech.

Competition Is Major Barrier to Law Firm Growth

Summary: In the present legal market, attracting new clients can be difficult. Read on for some tips and tricks to overcome these challenges.

Law Firm Marketing is on the Rise

Law firms everywhere are quickly jumping on the marketing bandwagon. It is no secret that many top law firms' levels of success in 2006 were attributed to their marketing budgets, according to the BTI Consulting Group, which surveyed 60% of all Am Law firms. The average marketing budget among top firms was $9 million.

Increase Your Law Firm's Business with Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Back when Sol Linowitz was a young attorney in the 1940s, law firms followed a cardinal rule. ''It was considered shockingly bad behavior to solicit legal business,'' Mr.Linowitz, author of The Betrayed Profession and former senior partner at Coudert Brothers wrote, ''The young lawyer was supposed to conduct himself in such a way that his telephone would ring.''