Managing Your Legal Business

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Business Planning for Practice Groups

To prosper and grow, law firms of all sizes must create strategic business plans for their individual practice groups. A good strategic plan may be as simple as three to five goals with action plans designed to implement them.

What Makes the Public Hate Prominent Attorneys

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez recently hired a prominent New York defender who has been called the city's "Most Hated Attorney." But isn't defending the indefensible part of a lawyer's job? Does the public and media vilify successful attorneys more so than they do other successful people in different fields? If so, why?

The Five Parts of a Project Executive Summary

Project executive summaries are extremely important because they help top project management find both relevant key information and employee achievements quickly. Since each business project is unique, project executive summaries tend to be somewhat unique every time. However, like every other thing in life, there are good rules to follow while checking project executive summaries. The project managers need to check whether a compelling executive summary report addresses the concerns of the project stakeholders through its essential five parts – the focus of the project proposal, goals, summary, key findings, deliverables, and appendix (if any).

Management Concepts Relevant to Law Firms

There are a number of basic management concepts that have relevance to professional organizations. They also apply to the management of law firms. They are planning, organization, communication, delegation, direction, leadership and many such factors are responsible for healthy law firms or law practicing.

Practice of Law and Management

Management is the art of achieving desired objectives by using available resources. Although the term is most often used in a business setting, it applies equally to service organizations, the raising of children, or the practice of a profession.

Law Firms Need to Manage Client Communication Better in Order to Retain Clients

Regular and frequent communication with clients can go far to hold together the client-attorney relationship. Some of the communication can also be used effectively as a method of developing new business.

Ways for Law firms to Ensure that their Newsletters are Read

Good mailing list management is the key to newsletter distribution. Personalized notes improve readership and effectiveness dramatically. Since the outward appearance of the newsletter in the mail can determine if it gets read or tossed, first-class delivery is generally worth the extra cost.

Battling the Theft of Trade Secrets

Industrial espionage and information sabotage has become rather ubiquitous. However, it continues to be a subject kept in the realm of security experts and rarely discussed with general employees. That, of course, may have either good or bad repercussions, but for good measure, we have listed below a few pointers given by the FBI to combat theft of intellectual property and proprietary data.

The Economic and Societal Impact of Office Space in Law Firms

Understanding the economic and societal impact of office space in law firms is critical to satisfying the needs of human resources within your own law firm, and also helps to identify the hierarchy when you walk into any law firm for the first time. Office space is a reward, incentive, and status declaration, all at the same time. And this is more true in a law firm than most other businesses today.

Presenting Business Plans: Why People Feel Nervous and What You Can Do About It

If you are looking for finance to either start up a business or expand your existing one you have to accept that if you want the Bank to say yes to your superb business idea, you are going to have to spend time preparing for the interview.

How to Start a Process Server Company

Process server jobs require that you work with lawyers and individuals to serve legal papers to people on a daily basis. It is a job and business that is constantly changing, and every day is different. If you're looking for a business that is always changing, presenting new challenges, and requires a lot of thinking-on-your-feet mentality, then starting a process server company might be right up your alley.

How to use a legal search firm

Tailoring Legal Search to Meet Your Firm's Needs
All things considered, legal recruiting is a fairly young industry. Although law firms are increasingly sophisticated in their use of the legal-recruiting industry, BCG believes there is substantial room for improvement in the way the legal-recruiting industry delivers its services and in the way law firms avail themselves of legal-recruiting professionals.

10 Tips for Selecting an Internet Fax Service

You've seen the studies, and you know that you can save as much as 93% on the cost of adding fax capabilities and 89% of the monthly cost by using an Internet fax service instead of a fax machine or fax server in your law firm. You also know you can improve privacy, simplify document management, and extend your faxing capabilities everywhere — even to individual properties. Now the question is ''Which one do I choose?''

Three Simple Ways to Take Control of Accounts Receivable in Your Law Practice—And Stop Losing Money to Deadbeat Clients

Accounts receivable, if ignored or not dealt with efficiently, can represent significant losses to any business—let alone your law practice. Too many lawyers who bill for their time miss out on a great portion of revenue that could have been enjoyed, reinvested, or saved—if only they had received it in the first place.

Corporate Compliance Training, Part II

Cultivating a legal and ethical business climate is a two-step process. First, the courts, regulatory agencies, and other governmental bodies need to have the legal and financial wherewithal to investigate and prosecute corporate wrongdoing. Second, corporate America and its employees need to be aware of the changing regulatory and legal landscape, so they can be sure they keep to the straight and narrow path.

Corporate Compliance Training, Part I

Corporate America is at a crossroads. Revenue is increasing. Profits are up. The world economy is creating potentially huge new markets. And according to some analysts, the future appears bright. But few times in American history have we witnessed a larger spate of high-profile cases of corporate misconduct. Corporations like Enron, WorldCom, Cendant, Tyco, HealthSouth, and plenty of other companies-and the executives who run them-have been accused (and sometimes convicted) of numerous misdeeds.

Recruiting Strategies for Successful Branch Office Openings

Being successful in expanding your business is crucial to the overall health of your company. Filling your new office with the right employees is one of the most important aspects of that - find out how.

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