published June 6, 2016

By Amanda Griffin

6 Things Attorneys Want in a Law Firm

Learn what attorneys are looking for in a law firm in this article.

Attorneys spend a lot of time at their places of work, so they want to make sure they are joining law firms that provide things that they want. These six categories are becoming increasingly important to attorneys, so they are something law firms need to pay attention to.
  1. Work-Life Balance
A work-life balance is very important for attorneys now. According to a study done by Ernst & Young, one in three employees across the world have found that keeping a balance is becoming increasingly difficult. With attorneys spending more and more time at work, having a good work-life balance is vital. The culture and leadership of a law firm is becoming more important than just a salary. This makes sense when considering that you want to enjoy the place where you spend most of your time.
  1. Motivation
Tracking every movement of your attorneys through a program may be easy, but it doesn’t establish a relationship of trust and motivation. You should find a way to have your attorneys be motivated and self-directed on their own. Finding ways of helping your attorneys gain self-control instead of trying to control them will pay off in the long run.
  1. Attorney Experience
Providing experience and learning possibilities have been found to be important things to focus on instead of attrition. Attorneys are bound to feel worn down, but if they feel they are getting something in return, they will feel it is worth it.
  1. Learning Equals Earning
Attorneys know that the more experience and education they gain, the greater the opportunities for more pay. The law school they attend has a great influence on their job prospects and the salaries that come with those jobs. Attorneys want jobs were they will gain useful skills to help them further their earning potential.
  1. Teamwork and Mastery
Law firms are not just where attorneys spend lots of time. They pretty much live there. The time they are spending at work should be enjoyable and fulfilling. To foster these traits, law firms should look for attorneys that strive for teamwork, recognition, self-development, and a mastery of new skills.
  1. No More Cubicles
Many law firms are already working towards removing cubicles to create a more open and collaborative atmosphere. When attorneys can see what their fellow attorneys are doing, it instills a sense of accountability and allows them to work together on cases. Photo:

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