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The 2017 Most Influential Recruiters Ranking List Q & A Section

What kind of legal recruitment firms are found on the list?
The 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiters List features 250 legal employment agencies. These are the best legal recruitment agencies in terms of influence in America. Unlike the previously offered directory of legal recruiters or the database of legal recruiters provided by other sources, we provide a ranking of the most influential legal staffing agencies. Although we include legal staffing agencies that place attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, we only rank the legal placing agencies that focus solely on the law in terms of the legal recruitment firm's website.
Which legal recruitment agencies are the most influential?

Influence extends beyond a legal staffing agency to the legal recruiters ability to reach candidates. The most influential legal recruiters are the legal placement services that candidates are most likely to encounter. Additionally, when an employer wants to hire an attorney, generally, an employer seeks out the best legal recruiters with the influence to reach the candidates. The influence ranking is determined by a number of factors, which are discussed in detail in a separate article.

How did LawCrossing create the legal employment agency ranking list?

After analyzing 250 legal recruitment agencies across the United States, LawCrossing put together the 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiter List in America based on a series of criteria. We ranked each legal placement firm's level of influence by utilizing more than 20 weighted factors. After months of research, we finalized the factors. The factors vary from the number of years the legal recruitment agency has operated to the use of social media.

Legal Jobs in Beverly Hills and Near Locations

The Jameson Group

Rank 280

The Jameson Group

287 South Robertson Blvd., Suite 474, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone : 310-289-5085 X 10
Fax : 310-289-5086
Website :

2017 Legal Recruiters List Rankings


The Jameson Group is devoted to the placement of partners, shareholders and groups of lawyers in law firms and to law firm mergers and acquisitions. Throughout our many years of experience, we have placed a multitude of partners, shareholders and partner-level lawyers and have moved millions of dollars in portable business. We are intimately familiar with the complex issues these experienced lawyers face in evaluating their strategic options and exit strategies and are particularly sensitive to their needs. We have successfully consulted with and placed partners, shareholders and partner-level lawyers for over 20 years, through boom times as well as recessionary times. We believe the reason for our success is very simple—client satisfaction.

Past Years Rankings

  • 2016 Rankings - 176
  • 2015 Rankings - 58
  • 2014 Rankings - 171

Law Firms in Beverly Hills

The law impacts nearly every aspect of running a business. From employment contracts and buyouts to real estate and taxes, you never know when someone from a seemingly-unrelated legal discipline might have just what you need to solve that business problem. We have structured ourselves into Workgroups aimed at solving real-world personal and business situations that are small enough to be nimble yet large enough to handle the inevitable legal needs that typically arise.Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP pr...

Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown & Passman, Inc. is a law firm based in Beverly Hills, CA. firm practicing in Entertainment Law....

HOCHMAN SALKIN TOSCHER PEREZ, PC, is internationally recognized for excellence, integrity and the ability to achieve the best possible results for our clients throughout the world. Our experienced tax lawyers have outstanding tax-related credentials and are routinely recognized as leaders in handling all aspects of sophisticated tax controversies and criminal tax matters. The firm specializes in expediting favorable resolution strategies for administrative tax controversies and tax disputes w...

More Legal Recruiters in Beverly Hills

Westwood Law Consultants

Specialists in Recruiting Intellectual Property Lawyers Westwood Law Consultants are specialists in the nation-wide recruiting of Intellectual Property Lawyers, (Litigation, Transactional and In-House), who have prior Engineering, Scientific or Technical experience and legal expertise in one or m...

Rank 378

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  • The Jameson Group
    By Nabeal Twereet Follow Me on Google+ | Dated: 04-07-2014

    Professional Overview John Jameson is the principal and founder of The Jameson Group (TJG), a legal search firm based in Beverly Hills, CA. TJG is dedicated to the placement of shareholders, partners, and groups of attorneys in law firms as well as law firm mergers and acquisitions. They primarily focus on the Los Angeles area, but also make placements throughout California. TJG has successfully placed a multitude of shareholders, partners, and partner-level attorneys. They also have moved millions of dollars in portable business. TJG is intimately familiar with the complex matters these experienced attorneys face in evaluating their exit strategies and strategic options and are specifically sensitive to their needs. They have consulted with and placed shareholders, partners, and partner-level attorneys for twenty-seven years, through prosperous and recessionary times. TJG believes the reason for their success is very simple—client satisfaction. + read more

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