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Broida & Nichele, Ltd

Main Office: 1250 East Diehl Road, Suite 108 | Naperville | IL | 60563
Phone: 630-245-1515 | Fax: 630-245-1565

Broida & Nichele, Ltd - Reviews

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Mr. Broida took my retainer and did no work
Sep 07, 2022 - Current Employee
Part time Current Employee

Don't take a case if you are not going to do any work

They used all my retainer and did nothing and never filed my case. I would not recommend



Do not work here
Jul 23, 2022 - Former Employee
Part time 2021 Former Employee

1. Learn how to be a people person, or don't be in this field. 2. If you're posting a certain salary, stick to it and don't try to underpay people 3. There is a different way of asking about someone's immigration status in the U.S. Don't just assume people aren't from here based on their name or the language they speak. Which you did. 4. Don't ask people if they're planning on having children? Can't believe I even have to advise you on that but you do not know what someone is going to and it's also none of your business? 5. If you're going to let people go, have the decency to let them know in advance so they can start looking for other jobs. 6. Have your other assistant go to therapy or something to talk about her trauma because other workers don't need to hear about it. It was uncomfortable even being in a room with her because of this.

when you leave for lunch/for the day

They posted the job on indeed and put the salary/hourly rate. During my interview, the "younger" partner tried to bring it down to $15-16 and what they posted was way over that. Also so many inappropriate questions such as my immigration status and whether I was having children after I get married. So many red flags I shouldn't have ignored. The other assistant smoked a lot of cigarettes so it smelled AWFUL every single morning and after lunch. She has no patience whatsoever and was always in a bad mood because of her life issues/trauma that she has no problem dumping on you such as SA etc. She was super annoying and showed up to work whenever she wanted and ALWAYS came back from lunch late because she was too busy smoking till her lungs turned black. The assistant would take unfinished work from my desk, complete it and pass it off as her work. I brought this up to the "younger" partner and nothing was done. I only had a few interactions with the older partner and he was an absolute jerk for no reason. He's well known in the area by other attorneys but not for good reasons. ALSO, I WORKED EXTRA HOURS AND WAS NEVER PAID FOR IT. The day I was let go, I had NO clue it was even going to happen. Why? because just a week or two before the other partner was talking to me about going full-time after school ended. I worked the entire day and got a 3-hour dictation done and I was just let go with no warning. Also, they take advantage of clients and can't even win the simplest cases.

Both partners.

The free diet coke cans we had.

Can I give 0 stars?
Mar 27, 2021 - Former Employee
Full time 2018 Former Employee

Close your business.

5:00 p.m. - when you get to leave.

They are terrible lawyers; the most simple PI case with the best facts for Plaintiff-clients, and they still lose.

Both - the older one is a malignant narcissist and the younger one is an enabler - nothing changes if nothing changes.

The day I left.

Do not work here
Aug 07, 2020 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

Learn how to treat your employees like they are human. I’m sure the older partner’s dogs are treated better than his staff.

The best part is the morning. Before the older partner gets in

Bullying is the worst part. Older partner talks down to staff. Makes staff feel like they don’t know their job. Makes the staff upset to the point of tears. Staying late is expected without overtime and unpaid.

The older partner. He is a mean man. He even talks down to his clients. Thinks he is better than everyone. Makes staff cry. My go worker actually developed an ulcer from the way he treated her. Creates anxiety and fear in the workplace.

Not much to like to be honest. They have a Keurig coffee maker. That’s the best I can come up with. Nothing to like about this work environment.

Stay Away
Dec 07, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

Close the firm down.

Nothing is good about the firm except the clients and other assistant.

The owners are bullies. The older one does nothing but criticize and make a person feel stupid. They are not nice cecpeooke.

The older one for sure. The other believes he knows everything and is perfect.

Leaving and knowing I have a case against them for bullying and harassment. Telling me I have to stay and get something done causing me to stay late with no pay.

They treat staff horrible
Dec 05, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

They need to learn how to respect human beings.


They managing partner is extremely rude and verbally abusive to his staff. When you try to tell the other partner he says he will talk to him but does nothing. They make their staff afraid of them to the point of where staff is crying. The managing partner screams at his staff and is constantly belittling staff members all day long.

Both of them but mostly the managing partner.


Legal Assistant
Nov 28, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

There is no management. The owner only yells and has tantrums like a child. Very unpleasant man and a toxic environment.

Nothing good about this place. The treatment towards the “staff” is unacceptable. The employee turnaround is at a high.

The staff are spoken down to. No structure in form whatsoever. Rules change on a daily basis. If you like being treated like garbage then this firm is for you

About the older owner at all costs! He thinks he is above all!

My favorite thing is that Broida is off on Friday and the office runs smoothly and calm when he is out

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