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Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law

Main Office: 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 200 | Fulton | MD | 20759
Phone: 301-575-0300 | Fax: 301-575-0335





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Reviewed on June 30, 2021

Don’t say you can accomplish something you cannot


I worked with Anna Le Blac, Trina Winecoff and Elizabeth Hodges. I was talked into hiring this firm by family members. I was told this firm was very good and could hold my ex-husband accountable for his actions during the marriage. I had previously done a mediation and though I wasn’t pleased with the outcome, I was happy with the custody I had received and made it clear during the initial call that was the most important thing to me. They assured me they could help me and did not speak of the risk I was taking. I reached out on numerous occasions for assistance as my ex-husband was harassing me about ridiculous things and I needed it to stop. I received no response. I would go weeks without hearing from them despite situations I needed help with. I do understand that Anna and Trina allegedly both had family emergencies during this time and I am sympathetic to that but I have 2 little girls I was trying to protect and send a message to their father that I would no longer allow him to manipulate the truth. We were supposed to submit an offer to my ex-husbands attorney but his attorney was allowed the time to strike first and I was constantly coming from behind. I had to be on defense when I should’ve been on offense. My husband’s attorney was very proactively accusing me of things based off his lies. I did not receive the same service from this firm. I was told in email, that when they are just trying to get to a 50/50 settlement they don’t address those lies but he used those lies and continues to use those lies to threaten me. I had hired an attorney so they would stand up to him and send him a message. The only message he received was he can do what he wants and will never be held accountable. I was told by one attorney after mediation that she didn’t understand why I didn’t take the first offer and maybe I should learn not to listen to my mom and sister. I found this incredibly insulting and after what I had been through in my marriage it was very hurtful. However, I am also a bit confused as I hired attorneys to advise me not my sister and mother. If they felt I had such a good deal before I believe they should have said something. I didn’t realize they too were taking legal advice from my mom and sister. I also had issues with their billing department. I received a call from their billing department stating they didn’t have a payment on file which was strange because they had drafted $500 from my account on 2 occasions. I had to have them apply my retainer fee twice and it was not being calculated. Then I updated my payment information and their billing department failed to add it to my account. Mrs. Hodges then accused me of pulling my payment method and refused to help me with yet another situation with my ex until my bill was updated. I was incredibly upset by this accusation as I was leaving a marriage where I was frequently accused of things that I did not do. So to sum it up…. · My ex who recorded me with a video camera 24/7 with sound (wire tapping) · Is now recording our daughters 24/7 with sound (his mom was in prison for recording children performing acts on each other) · Spent funds from the HELOC on things he wanted while holding me in financial prison · Lied and put words in our daughters’ mouths · Was essentially an absentee father before the dissolution of the marriage and now is love bombing the girls until he wins and then that will change He now has 50/50 custody and I’m actually getting less than half upon settlement because no one actually checked the numbers. My recommendation go with Laura Burt. She apparently believes anything her clients tell her and will use any means possible to get her client the best deal even at the expense of everyone (particularly the kids) involved.

Elizabeth Hodges Anna Leblanc


Former Employee


Full time

Reviewed on March 10, 2020

Stop making titles and jobs for people. There are stoo many chiefs for the little Indians. Start listening to the Indians some Had good ideas but because they stepped on the toes of department managers no one listened.

Maybe the pay and benefits

Management especially with the management committee! They only listen to certain attorneys and support staff! If you aren’t part of the good old boys club then you aren’t anybody! As a woman that doesn’t suck ass you are nobody! They just buy up small firms to make themselves look gigantic. Then little by little they dismember the employees they brought over with those firms.

All of them!

Some of the people I worked with but there weren’t many I liked and I can get along with anyone!!

Former Employee


Full time


Offit Kurman is a dynamic full-service law firm assisting clients in the mid-Atlantic region. Our firm is well positioned to meet the legal needs of dynamic businesses and the people who own and operate them. At Offit Kurman, we are our client's most trusted legal advisors, the professionals who help them to maximize and protect their business value and individual wealth. In every interaction, we consistently strive to maintain our clients' trust, further their objectives and help them achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

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Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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