Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law
Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law

Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law

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Main Office:
8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 200 | Fulton | MD | 20759
Phone: 301-575-0300  | Fax: 301-575-0335 

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Year of establishment 1987
Number of offices 12
Biggest office Fulton
Number of attorneys 146
   2 reviews

Offit Kurman, Attorneys At Law Reviews

- Reviewed on December 06, 2019

Advice to law firm management: Please don’t think the public is going to look kindly upon your old boys club and the rampant, egregious, and systemic discrimination against countless individuals—staff and attorneys alike. The truth will come out one day including the fact that you have retaliated against countless individuals for calling you out for sheer incompetence, invidious discrimination, and the fact that y’all suck at the whole lawyer thing.

Pros: Before joining the firm, I was excited by novel approach to marketing and business development aspects of the firm.

Cons: Lots of turnover among attorneys and staff, management is rude, condescending, and demeaning towards women, minorities, and the legal administrative staff members who work hard. Toxic culture that rewards the old boys club, which consists of the management team and all white male shareholders (20). The firm is not well-regarded in the Baltimore area if you talk to other attorneys—seems like everyone has at least one story about a negative interaction or experience they had with the firm, firm partners, or a colleague who experienced the rude and disrespectful behaviors of opposing counsel that were firm partners. Many nice, well-meaning attorneys and staff but they cannot fix this very broken system because leadership starts at the top and change doesn’t happen unless leadership is interested in fixing problems and accepting feedback. Diversity is not valued or even addressed by firm. Shady.

Partners to Avoid and Why: Tim Lynch John Raftery Howard Kurman Ted Offit (especially any women—do not agree to be alone with him!) Maurice Offit Jason Klein

Favorite Things About this Firm: Some of the individual attorneys and staff (especially paralegals and admins!) who I met while employed by the firm. Many people supported me even though management made every attempt to embarrass and humiliate me for seeking equal treatment.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2018

Job type: Full time

- Reviewed on November 15, 2019

Pros: None

Cons: The owners and the management committee don't practice law; instead, they exist at the firm to (1) pay themselves, (2) buy smaller, aging firms, (3) harass the billing attorneys about bringing in new business and stealing their existing clients, (4) avoid paying out bonuses, and (5) fabricate new and inventive ways to cut agreed-upon compensation packages, and (6) harass, demean and marginalize female attorneys.

Partners to Avoid and Why: See comments above. Don't go to this place unless you want lawyers who don't practice law and non-lawyer managers telling you how to practice law and interfering with your business and clients. Don't be fooled by the glossy marketing and website fluff. This is a firm that was created by three lawyers who bought a bunch of other crappy two and three lawyer law firms until they created one gigantic crappy law firm!

Favorite Things About this Firm: The owners and the two leaders of the management committee are as clueless and inept as the Three Stooges.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2019

Job type: Full time


Offit Kurman is a dynamic full-service law firm assisting clients in the mid-Atlantic region. Our firm is well positioned to meet the legal needs of dynamic businesses and the people who own and operate them. At Offit Kurman, we are our client's most trusted legal advisors, the professionals who help them to maximize and protect their business value and individual wealth. In every interaction, we consistently strive to maintain our clients' trust, further their objectives and help them achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

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