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Gray Robinson, P.A.

Main Office: 301 East Pine Street, Suite 1400 | Orlando | FL | 32801
Phone: 407-843-8880 |

Gray Robinson, P.A. - Reviews

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A resume builder but not much else
Dec 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Step into the 21st century and be inclusive. Encourage pro bono work or some kind of community involvement. Spend more time with the clients.

You get some good experience in labor and employment law. The support staff is truly top notch. Some very smart people work here.

Diversity is not a dirty word. Please consider it. The firm is obsessed with billable hours instead of building strong relationships with clients. HR is a nightmare. There isn't much room for advancement because of how the firm is structured.

One of the most outstanding firms to work for, this opportunity is not one to be missed
Jul 21, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

If this firm is the right fit for you, be prepared for a rigorous hiring process and a very long work week. But the rewards may be worth it.

This firm does not hire associates who will not represent the firm well in every possible setting. Only the best will be selected to work here. You might find that your paycheck is quite large indeed, but it will come at the cost of plenty of work and hours.

You may find it's hard to advance here. There is a corporate environment in the workplace, which means individuality is not part of the scheme. Not everyone will enjoy this. You may also need to work in an area of the law that you do not find interesting.

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