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Blitt & Gaines PC

Main Office: 661 Glenn Avenue, | Wheeling | IL | 60090
Phone: 847-403-4900 | Fax: 312-920-0625

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Reviewed on February 06, 2024
Current Employee

Get a soul

There is nothing good about this firm

They garnish your wages without trying to contacting you. They don’t care. They lie to their clients and say they will contact them back. But then garnish their wages without doing so.

Avoid this entire firm

Current Employee

Full time

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Exciting Opportunities Await at Blitt & Gaines PC: A Leading Debt Collection Law Firm

Blitt & Gaines PC, a nationally recognized debt collection law firm, offers attorneys and staff a thrilling and rewarding work experience. Founded in 1995 by Fred N. Blitt and Jan B. Gaines, this firm has established itself as a leader in the legal collection of consumer and commercial debt, as well as related areas of law. Situated on a sprawling Wheeling campus, Blitt & Gaines PC operates from adjacent buildings, providing a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

With a rich history spanning over two decades, Blitt & Gaines PC has built a reputation for excellence in debt collection law. Attorneys and staff have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. The firm's commitment to providing top-notch legal services has earned them national recognition, making it an ideal place for individuals seeking to make a significant impact in the legal industry.

At Blitt & Gaines PC, attorneys have the chance to handle a diverse range of cases, allowing them to sharpen their skills and expand their legal knowledge. From consumer debt collection to commercial debt recovery, the firm's practice areas offer attorneys the opportunity to work on complex and challenging cases. This variety ensures that every day brings new and exciting legal challenges, keeping attorneys engaged and motivated.

The firm's staff members also play a crucial role in the success of Blitt & Gaines PC. From paralegals to administrative assistants, each member of the team contributes to the firm's efficient operation. Staff members receive comprehensive training and support, enabling them to excel in their roles and develop valuable skills. The collaborative nature of the firm fosters a sense of camaraderie among staff members, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Joining Blitt & Gaines PC comes with a host of benefits. The firm recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements to accommodate the needs of its employees. This flexibility allows attorneys and staff to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their personal and professional lives, leading to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Blitt & Gaines PC also values professional growth and development. Attorneys and staff have access to ongoing training programs and educational resources, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest legal developments. This commitment to professional development not only enhances the skills of individuals but also strengthens the firm's ability to provide exceptional legal services to its clients.

Furthermore, Blitt & Gaines PC offers a competitive compensation package, including a comprehensive benefits program. From healthcare coverage to retirement plans, the firm recognizes the importance of taking care of its employees' financial well-being. This commitment to providing a supportive and rewarding work environment sets Blitt & Gaines PC apart from other law firms.

In conclusion, Blitt & Gaines PC presents an exciting opportunity for attorneys and staff seeking a fulfilling and challenging career in debt collection law. With its national recognition, diverse practice areas, and commitment to professional growth, this firm offers a stimulating work environment where individuals can thrive. The collaborative and supportive nature of the firm, coupled with its emphasis on work-life balance and competitive compensation, make Blitt & Gaines PC an exceptional choice for those looking to make a lasting impact in the legal industry.

Practice Areas

Blitt & Gaines PC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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