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Cordell & Cordell P.C.

Main Office: 600 Kellwood Parkway, Suite 310 | Chesterfield | MO | 63107
Phone: 314-725-0000 |



Headline: Cordell & Cordell P.C.: Empowering Men in Family Law

Description: Cordell & Cordell P.C. is a nationwide men's divorce attorney firm that has been providing exceptional legal services since its establishment in 1990. Founded by Joseph E. Cordell, the firm initially focused on general practice but soon shifted its focus to family law, specifically catering to men. With a deep understanding of the male perspective in family law courts, Cordell & Cordell ensures that their clients' voices are heard and their interests are aggressively championed.

With nearly 40 office locations across the country, Cordell & Cordell has become one of the largest family law firms serving men globally. Their team of over 100 dedicated divorce attorneys specializes in men's family law, allowing them to provide unparalleled expertise and representation to their clients.

At Cordell & Cordell, they believe that the judicial system often falls into stereotypes, perpetuating the status quo. They aim to challenge these assumptions and ensure that men are treated fairly and justly in family law matters. The firm understands that men too can be nurturing parents, victims of abuse, and deserving of their fair share of assets and support.

By choosing Cordell & Cordell, men can be confident that their interests and the interests of their children regarding child custody and child support will be prioritized and aggressively pursued. The firm's attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of family law and have the experience necessary to navigate complex legal situations.

Joining Cordell & Cordell comes with numerous benefits. Attorneys and staff have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and challenging environment where they can make a real difference in the lives of their clients. The firm's commitment to empowering men in family law creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work.

Cordell & Cordell offers a supportive and collaborative work culture, where attorneys and staff have access to a vast network of experienced professionals. This allows for continuous growth and learning, ensuring that everyone at the firm stays up-to-date with the latest developments in family law.

Additionally, Cordell & Cordell provides comprehensive training programs to equip their attorneys and staff with the skills necessary to excel in their roles. The firm invests in the professional development of their team members, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, Cordell & Cordell offers competitive compensation packages and benefits to attract and retain top talent. They understand the value of their team and strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

In conclusion, Cordell & Cordell P.C. is a leading men's divorce attorney firm that has established itself as a trusted partner for men seeking legal representation in family law matters. With their deep understanding of the male perspective and commitment to challenging stereotypes, Cordell & Cordell ensures that their clients' interests are aggressively championed. Joining the firm offers attorneys and staff the opportunity to work in a supportive and collaborative environment, where they can make a meaningful impact in the lives of their clients.

Practice Areas

Cordell & Cordell P.C. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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