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Main Office:
242 Trumbull Street, | Hartford | CT | 06103
Phone: 860-275-0100  | Fax: 860-275-0343 

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Day Pitney LLP Reviews

"Great Benefits and compensation"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

Law isn't always the nicest of professions and Day Pitney walks the line between commendable almost unacceptable. Judge for yourself.

Pros : Day Pitney pays its attorneys well and has instituted several new benefit programs such as parental leave. I liked the generous pay and the feel of working for a larger law firm. I feel management cares about its top employees and the work ethic includes relaxation as well as office time.
Cons : The size of the firm can also be cumbersome and a lot of meetings get carried out through video conferencing services. Also, in spite of the fair pay and generally positive attitude towards attorneys, I feel the support staff often gets shafted and disrespected and that bothers me.
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