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4 Star Rating


Cooley LLP

Main Office: 5 Palo Alto Sq | Palo Alto | CA | 94306
Phone: 650-843-5000 |

Cooley LLP - Reviews

See reviews for Cooley LLP from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

Too smart for you....
Jun 07, 2021 - Current Employee
Contract Current Employee

Become more focused on being good to clients instead of ripping them off and focusing on being then "pop culture" law firm.

Never worked there. Was a client.

Walked out of our meeting with them to go to the restroom. As we were returning, we heard them discussing us and stopped outside the door to listen as they belittled us and spoke of ways to profit off us in ways other than their astronomical billing rates. They even called our CEO a moron. As soon as we walked back into the meeting it was all sugar and spice. Not to be trusted.

All of them are to be avoided. Chose a small client focused firm.

Coffee. thats it. Not an employee, a former client

Very cheap firm, smoke and mirrors
Apr 08, 2020 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

Stop being greedy

Free snacks after 7

I was an associate there. The firm cuts corners all the time, extremely disorganized across offices, opaque bonus structure (if you miss minimums by an hour they’ll refuse to give it to you), they terminate you without notice and ask you the leave the next day (happened to my friend), got rid of attorney offices in New York, lacking heavily in diversity (they use it as a marketing tactic and make it clear at their associates academy). Can’t recommend it.

Pat Flanagan, Mischi O Marca - cold people, unqualified

Nice logos

Top-notch and employee oriented
Apr 07, 2020 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Continue what you are doing. It is working extremely well.

Fantastic law firm to work at that is international and modern. Tech savvy and consistently wins awards for best law firm for employees. They are sophisticated, smart and progressive. Highly recommended for all levels.

I do not have any good reasons to not work at Cooley.

None that come to mind.

Open minded, progressive, motivated, compliant, respectful.

Law Firm with Level of Professionalism
Dec 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

The law office should step away from only focusing on attorneys and should also look into helping other staff. Also, there is a need for affordable benefits.

The law firm is composed of employees and staff which are respectful and very knowledgeable. The law firm is unique in the sense that they embrace a different type of work culture.

The law firm does a poor job of offering benefits to staff and employees which are affordable. The management team seems to focus more on staff that includes attorneys.

Oct 26, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

Try and hire more individuals to allow your employees to take more time off and not get as stressed with how much has to be done.

Working at this firm was a great step up for me and I learned a lot while being there. Everyone is friendly and hard workers.

At times, it can take a lot out of you, but that is something that you get used to. I enjoyed working there overall in the end.

Big Law Done Well
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Management would really serve the firm well if they just took some more people in and spread the workload around a bit. The pay is okay and there are some people who enjoy the many long days, but there are more who don't and their work suffers for it.

The best part for me is the staff. Great people all around, both in their personalities and in their skills. From the top of the firm to the secretaries, everyone knows what they're doing.

There are a variety of small problems you'd expect from any firm of this size, but the work hours are worse than anywhere else I've been. Prepare to have a very small social life.

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