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Main Office:
One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street, 20th Floor | Pittsburgh | PA | 15219-1410
Phone: 412-562-8800  | Fax: 412-562-1041 
Email: vlohare@klettrooney.com 

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Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PC Reviews

"A firm that doesn't know what it wants to be"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

This firm may be a decent starting point for a lot of associates. However, those who want some continuity in their assignments may want to keep looking.

Pros : You will definitely learn a lot by working at this firm. There is plenty of work to go around, it would seem. However, the firm does appear to have multiple practice areas which may or may not be areas in which senior management is informed and knowledgeable.
Cons : The work consists of a lot of paperwork (busy-work?) for new associates, who may not get a chance to go out of the office and into the courtroom or deposition chamber. The firm is also going through a transition in practice areas which may lead to confusion for associates.
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