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Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Main Office: 69 W. Washington,, Suite 3200 | Chicago | IL | 60602



Headline: Discover the Thrilling World of Justice at Cook County State's Attorney's Office

Welcome to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, where justice is served and lives are changed. As the second largest prosecutor's office in the nation, this government institution boasts a team of over 700 attorneys and 1,100 dedicated employees. With its vast scope and commitment to public service, working at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office offers an exciting and fulfilling career for those passionate about making a difference.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office holds a crucial role in the government, responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanor and felony crimes committed within Cook County. This county, one of the largest in the United States, presents a unique and diverse set of challenges, making every day at the office an opportunity for growth and learning.

Beyond criminal prosecution, the Assistant State's Attorneys at Cook County State's Attorney's Office are involved in a wide range of legal actions. They file legal actions to enforce child support orders, ensuring the well-being of families in need. They also litigate to protect consumers and the elderly from exploitation, safeguarding the most vulnerable members of society. Additionally, the office provides invaluable support to thousands of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence each year, offering a lifeline to those in distress.

One of the most exciting aspects of working at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office is the opportunity to serve as legal counsel for the government of Cook County. This role allows attorneys to contribute to the development and implementation of policies that shape the county's future. By working closely with government officials, attorneys gain a unique perspective on the inner workings of the justice system and the impact it has on the community.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office is organized into seven bureaus, each specializing in a different area of law. The Criminal Prosecutions Bureau focuses on bringing justice to those who have committed crimes, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. The Juvenile Justice Bureau works tirelessly to protect and rehabilitate young offenders, offering them a chance at a better future. The Narcotics Bureau combats the ever-evolving drug trade, striving to create a drug-free environment for all residents. The Special Prosecutions Bureau handles complex cases, such as public corruption and organized crime, ensuring that no one is above the law.

In addition to these specialized bureaus, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office also houses the Civil Actions Bureau, which fights for the rights of the county and its residents in civil matters. The Investigations Bureau conducts thorough investigations to gather evidence and build strong cases. Lastly, the Administrative Services Bureau provides essential support to the entire office, ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflow.

Working at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office offers numerous benefits for those seeking a career in public service. The opportunity to work alongside experienced attorneys and professionals in a collaborative environment fosters personal and professional growth. The diverse caseload and the sheer size of Cook County provide a unique platform for attorneys to gain invaluable experience and expertise in various areas of law.

Furthermore, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office is committed to the well-being of its employees. The office offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and ample opportunities for career advancement. Additionally, the office recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides flexible work arrangements to accommodate individual needs.

Join the Cook County State's Attorney's Office and become part of a team dedicated to upholding justice, protecting the community, and making a lasting impact. Embark on a thrilling journey where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a difference. Apply now and discover the rewarding world of justice at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office.

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