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Ensure you hire stars

Far too many legal-hiring organizations fail to hire stars because their hiring process actually prevents superstar candidates from ever getting in the door. By reviewing the following list of suggestions for organizing and streamlining your approach to hiring, you should be able to maximize your chances of hiring the star candidates who may have eluded your recruiting efforts in the past. + read more

Enhance Your Lateral Hiring: Delegate to Your Search Firm!

Law firm recruiting managers are called upon daily to handle a myriad of responsibilities for their firms, including coordinating fall recruiting programs at law schools, planning and managing summer-associate programs, managing lateral hiring, professional development, and conducting partner and associate evaluations. Some of these professionals also handle human resources and marketing functions. These professionals are highly skilled and most often overworked. + read more

Doing Risk Management When it Comes to Your Lateral Hires

When can hiring a lateral be detrimental to your law firm? All firms consider the impact the potential lateral hire will have on the firm's professional liability insurance and take the following precautions: + read more

Different Styles of Law Firm Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting, law firms get as much out of their efforts as they put into them. As a result, is it a surprise to hear partners complain that their firms are not attracting as much top talent as they once did. + read more

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques to Help Your Law Firm Get Great Laterals

Has your firm been hiring new associates who seem to meet your criteria in the hope that they'll learn and improve and still be with the firm when its time to make partnership decisions? Rather than hoping, now may be the time to identify the competencies your law firm needs. Then you can teach lawyer/interviewers to uncover the desired behaviors that will create a legal workforce that can develop those competencies and is reliable, productive, and stable. + read more

Be Sure About Your Law Firm’s Business Objectives Before Hiring Laterals

In many firms, lateral hiring resembles a revolving door: Lawyers come in, spend three or more years with the firm, and then depart. Indeed, when it comes to integrating laterals, most law firms do a good job of detailing the programs, policies, and paperwork needed to cover the administrative aspects associated with joining a new firm, but they fail to describe the business objectives they have for the lateral. + read more

Basic Rules Regarding Recruitment and Compensation of Lateral Partners

Few areas have more potential for internal criticism and strife than determining the appropriate compensation level for lateral partners. And even large firms that recruit tremendous numbers of lateral partners can have a hard time figuring out how to attract and compensate these new owners. The difficulties in compensating lateral partners vary depending on the compensation system employed at each firm, so the tried-and-true tactics outlined below should be helpful to law firm leaders who need ideas for recruiting and compensating lateral partners: + read more

Avoiding Mistakes When It Comes to Lateral Acquisitions

In 2001, the NALP Foundation for Research and Education released its groundbreaking study, The Lateral Lawyer: Why They Leave and What May Make Them Stay with an eye on revealing: 1) the primary and secondary influences on the decisions of lawyers to change jobs including the role of practice interests, financial incentives, work/life balance priorities, work environment characteristics, and professional and career development needs; 2) the perceptions of laterally hired attorneys about how their new (current) employers are meeting their expectations for assimilation, marketing of the lawyer to clients, compensation and more; 3) The relative degree of loyalty or anticipated longevity of lateral lawyers as they report their own expectations for tenure; and 4) How law firms recruit and hire lateral lawyers, including the role of referrals, self-initiated contact, search consultants; law firm lateral hiring criteria and selectivity; and lateral hiring incentives. + read more

Changing Views on Partnership: How Law Firms Are Handling the Declining Interest In Reaching the Top

With many associates placing less of an emphasis on reaching equity partnership, law firms are responding by creating new tracks that still allow for career advancement to keep them interested. + read more

Capitalizing on a Law Firm's Growth—Is Bigger Better?

Many law firms have grown dramatically over the past few years. The challenge for any firm that has experienced fast growth is to be able to capitalize on the firm's new platform. The larger and more diverse and dispersed a firm becomes, the more attention must be focused on managing it. The reality is that growing a firm requires substantial investment in effective management to ensure the firm gets an acceptable return on its investment in growth. + read more

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