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Career Planning for your Multigenerational Workforce

Workplaces throughout the country today are made up of four distinct generations – the Veterans (1922 – 1946), Boomers (1946 – 1963), Generation X (1963 – 1980), and Generation Y (1980 – 2000). Each of these generations has something to offer in the workplace, such as different values, needs and expectations. As an employer, if you are unable to properly manage and motivate your multigenerational workforce, your Company will soon face challenges in terms of retaining skilled workers and you will fail to leverage the true benefits of a multigenerational workforce. To survive this rare challenge of managing diverse generations of workforce, you need to learn about each of these generational groups, their needs and their motivations.

Writing Job Postings that Guarantee Results

Many job seekers consider their resumes to be documents which highlight their best potential. Alternatively, job postings are an ideal way for companies to put forward the finest points about their company and attract the right candidates. Employers today need to understand the power that job postings carry to attract the right candidates and set aside the less than ideal candidates.

ABA Accreditation of Foreign Law Schools?

It's been over three years that foreign law schools, in particular the Peking University School of Transnational Law have been seeking ABA accreditation. As Sino-American trade relations form closer ties, the need to increase cross-border understanding was expected to escalate, obviously. At other times, such a gesture by a foreign law school to gain ABA accreditation may have been seen as eccentric, or to be of little significance. However, the recent drop in the number of fruitfully employed law graduates and the tenacity of the economic recession, have made many concerned about the prospect of opening a potential floodgate of foreign lawyers into the market. Whether the Peking University School of Transnational Law (PUSTL) in China ultimately receives accreditation or not is a different issue, but even considering the matter at this week's annual ABA meeting, is seen by some as sacrilege.

Rise of the Middle-class in the Law Firm Market: Is it the end of the Big Firm Era?

After analyzing from all angles, it seems that mid-tier law firms are destined to experience greater growth and stability than their big law counterparts in both the current economy and the near future. The shift, of course, is not sudden, but definitely global in nature. At the end of last month, the legal market in Australia reported that mid-tier law firms were definitely edging ahead of big law firms. The Q2, 2012 Peer Monitor Index released by the Hildebrandt Institute this 27th July affirms the same is also true for the U.S. legal market.

The Economic and Societal Impact of Office Space in Law Firms

Understanding the economic and societal impact of office space in law firms is critical to satisfying the needs of human resources within your own law firm, and also helps to identify the hierarchy when you walk into any law firm for the first time. Office space is a reward, incentive, and status declaration, all at the same time. And this is more true in a law firm than most other businesses today.

Select the Right Job Title – It Matters

Job titles significantly influence decisions related to career growth. Hence, a lot of HR managers and recruiters are torn between whether to lure the right candidate by offering a better designation or to tempt him by offering a salary hike.

What Does an Effective Job Description Look Like?

You may have the best job posting practices, but if the job descriptions fail to impress the job seekers you may not get fair returns on your job posting investment. Further, in order to write effective job descriptions, it is a good idea to get into the shoes of a job seeker and consider what they would expect an exciting job listing to contain.

Top Five Tips for Successful Job Postings

Job boards are the most effective tools for communicating open positions to job seekers. Irrespective of the increasing use of social media for reaching out to potential candidates, job boards are still the most preferred option for job seekers looking for suitable jobs. Hence, drafting apt job postings is important to the success of your recruitment efforts.

Getting More Out of Your Job Posting

When you start posting jobs on various online and offline media, it becomes important for you to measure the outcome of the posting. Measuring the impact of your job postings will not just tell you whether your postings are being viewed by the right job seekers but also give you a heads up on whether an alternative approach is required to woo the target candidates.

Five Most Commonly Made Job Posting Mistakes

In today’s competitive labor markets, it is obvious that the jobseekers are trying their best to attract the employers’ attention; however, the reverse is also true, where the employers are also focusing on the drafting the most effective job postings in an attempt to grab the right candidates.

Capturing the Mind of Job Seekers

The main purpose of a job posting is to capture the interest of the job searchers. Hence, it is important to realize that job postings are classified advertisements of the available jobs displayed to encourage responses from targeted job hunters. Therefore, job postings should be capable of selling both the company and the open position. Do not forget this point as job postings play an important role in the entire recruitment chain.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reorganizing or Downsizing

During a troubled economy, many law firms are forced to reorganize or downsize their organizational structures and strategies. This included things such as layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, office closings, reducing payroll expenses and more. Organizations are often led to downsizing, also called reorganizing or rightsizing, in order to cut costs to stay profitable or maximize efficiency and focus on core business functions.

Employee Productivity and Collaboration in Law Firms

Do you think that a law firm is generally “unmanageable?” Are most attorneys and staff personnel left to fend for themselves in a sink or swim environment? Are there firms with a collaborative model? Does this dynamic boost employee productivity?

The Cost of Training vs. Not Training

Training costs often become a deterrent for most organizations. It’s easier to throw a new employee into his or her job without giving training, expecting the employee to learn on the job. However, the cost saved by not training employees can benefit you only in the short-term. Costs incurred on account of mistakes done by untrained employees, lost sales, lost customers, and constant supervision on them can be much higher in terms of money and duration.

Presenting Business Plans: Why People Feel Nervous and What You Can Do About It

If you are looking for finance to either start up a business or expand your existing one you have to accept that if you want the Bank to say yes to your superb business idea, you are going to have to spend time preparing for the interview.

8 BIG Small Business Mistakes

Here’s an interesting notion: Do you realize that there are mistakes you can make at various stages of your business’ growth that can be slowly killing it for months or even years if you don’t watch for them?

What’s happening with the Texas Voter ID Law

The Texas Voter ID Law is in the center of a national debate for right or wrong reasons according to how you view it. However, political camps have been blasting each other over what is essentially a legal issue, but with wide political ramifications. Especially so, because this is the election year, and because several other states have proposed or pending litigation in the same or similar lines as the Texas Voter ID Law. On Friday, a three-judge federal panel (some people have already pointed out two of the three are Democrat appointees) suggested that the legislation would disproportionately hurt racial minorities.

Rearranging the Chairs on Titanic’s Deck: NYC Bar Association Creates Task Force to Study Legal Market

It’s everywhere in the news that the New York City Bar Association is forming a brilliant task force to study the legal job market. According to Carey Dunne, the president of the NYC bar association, the ostensible job of the task force would be to assess whether the weak job market is primarily a result of temporary factors, or whether it reflects a more permanent shift in the law industry. One thing is sure, as Dunne says, “I’m sure there’s no simple answer.” But as a commenter on the Wall Street Journal post mentioning the news indicated caustically, “the committee’s recommendations will amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

Values vs Skills: What Do You Look for While Recruiting?

As a law firm, what weighs more, according to you, when recruiting new employees – their values or their adeptness at functional skills? Both approaches have their own pros and cons. Employers who vouch for a value-based approach believe that functional skills can definitely bring in short-term success but values are what really ensure an organization’s long-term success. Values are what will keep these employees loyal to an organization and work towards a common mission defined by the organization. Skills can be developed over time but not values! Integrity cannot be overlooked to get the right skills in a candidate.

The Temporary Staffing Strategy - Survival Instinct for Hiring

The temporary staffing industry has always been looked upon as a bellwether for the U.S., according to the analysts. It is used during survival mode by most hiring managers.