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Here’s What You Should Do to Strengthen Your Associate Loyalty

Summary: Simply showing your appreciation for your associates can save your firm thousands of dollars in the long run.

The Science of Recruiting Lateral Partners

Summary: More and more law firms are relying on specific data analyses as they make hiring decisions.

What Firms Need to Know about Case Management and Electronic Case Filing before a Disaster Strikes

Summary: Preparing for disaster is part of representing clients well.

10 Ways Law Firm Managing Partners Can Increase Profitability

Summary: How can law firm managing partners improve the profitability of their firms?

Effective Ways to Manage Your Law Firm’s Reputation Online

Summary: What steps can you take to ensure your firm’s reputation is as strong as possible on the internet, where anyone can leave damaging comments or remarks in a public forum?

Worst Mistakes and Best Practices in Law Firm Cybersecurity Measures

Summary: What sorts of measures can firms take to prevent cybersecurity breaches? By implementing simple, but careful security measures, a firm can save itself the massive headache of a cybersecurity breach, one that may cause permanent damage to a firm’s reputation.

The 10 Best Law Firm Marketing Tricks

Summary: Check out these ten tips for implementing effective marketing strategies in your firm’s business model.

5 Ways to Boost Your Firm’s Business

Summary: The following tips will help you improve your law firm’s profits by changing the way those in charge think about traditional business practices.

How Can You Automate Law Firm Marketing?

Summary: Check out the following tools to attract more clients to your practice.

Will the Digital Age Wipe Out Law Firms?

Summary: In the ever-changing field of law, experts argue that firms that refuse to change their archaic ways will be left behind as firms that embrace technology will rise to the top of the market.

Two Overlooked Essentials in Law Firm Marketing

Summary: What two key aspects of law firm marketing are most firms ignoring?

Why Law Firms Are Permanently Changing Their Structures

Summary: Mergers and new hires have permanently altered the traditional law firm model.

Big Data and Its Impacts on the Legal Profession

Summary: Once the legal industry fully embraces the positive changes Big Data can bring, the profession may be revolutionized—for the better.

Law Firms under Pressure to Change

Summary: In a time of increasing economic change, how can law firms keep up?

LawCrossing’s 20 Most Popular 2015 Articles for Law Firms and Firm Managers

Summary: Check out this list of the top 20 articles in 2015 for law firms on LawCrossing.

Will Robots Replace Attorneys?

Summary: Many law firm heads are convinced that artificial intelligence will eventually complete many of the tasks that attorneys are currently assigned.

What Should You Know about Law Firm Succession Planning?

Summary: With the changing face of the legal realm, it can be difficult to figure out what steps need to be taken for law firm succession planning.

How Will Law Firms Increase Growth?

Summary: With the legal realm still suffering from the 2008 financial downturn, how can law firms increase their chances of growth?

Law Firms Are Working Like It’s 1995

Summary: Though many technological advances have been introduced to the legal world, many firms are slow to catch up. However, to remain profitable and relevant, firms may need to begin considering more legal tech.