published August 11, 2017

By David Dorion

Top Performers in the Workplace: What We Should Know about Them

Top performers in the workplace: What we should know about them.

That trophy on their desk, that special mention in the company news flyer – how do they do it? How do they become, and then maintain themselves as top performers in the workplace? The following six articles showcase what we as hiring managers and recruiters should know about top performers within a business or a law firm.
Study: Top Performers Produce 61% of Their Department’s Work

A recent study revealed that employees who score 9 out of 10 on a performance scale account for 61% of their departmental output. These employees also handle stress and manage their time better, as well as pay closer attention to details.

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Characteristics of a High Performance Employee

Certain characteristics separate average employees from high performance employees. Those characteristics range from being in control of their workday to taking initiatives and keeping an open mind.

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Ten Things Top Performers Do Every Day

Top performing employees don’t necessarily sit at their desks all day, cranking out work. Top performers create plans for their day, set daily goals and stay alert to the change in their workplace surroundings.

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Company Culture: The Workplace Perks That Impress Top Performers

Today’s hiring managers and recruiters realize that it takes more than health benefits and a retirement package to attract top work performers. Workplace perks such as a focus on wellness and work-life balance and further job-related education and learning experiences also play vital roles in netting top work performers.

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Partner Pay Becomes More Volatile as Law Firms Seek to Retain Top Performers

Top performing law partners are commodities no law firm wants to lose. To that end, law firms have begun to redistribute partner pay by giving less money to lower-performing partners and more money to those partners who produce at a high level.

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Four Unexpected Career Hacks from Big Law's Top Performers

Top law performers don’t necessarily strive for perfection in their work. They instead leverage their strengths and talents to supplement practice areas and cases for which other attorneys may not be fully equipped. This is one of the career hacks top-rated attorneys employ to help them succeed inside a law firm. Share these hacks with the attorneys in your firm.

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