published August 8, 2017

By David Dorion

Tips for Hiring and Welcoming Younger Workers

Learn how to hire younger workers and welcome them into your organization in this article.
You may not have recognized it, but there’s a youth movement going on in today’s workforce. Younger workers – so-called Millennials – are entering the workplace at a growing pace. This generation of worker wants to not just be members of a company culture, but also seek to shape that company culture for their career’s future. This group is smart, innovative and has a strong sense of entrepreneurship. These articles are designed to give employers insight toward hiring young workers and providing the best career fit possible in this evolving workforce.
How Can Employers Attract the Best Interns?

There is no doubt about it, the nature of work in almost any profession, particularly in the corporate profession, has changed within the last couple of decades. These days, if a recruiter wants to attract the best and brightest of today’s young workers, they have to keep in mind three aspects that can make or break a young worker’s attraction to a job: those are culture, development and authentic experiences.
6 Reasons You Should Hire Interns

Is having an intern program in your organization really worth it? Find out six benefits of hiring interns in this article. Some of the benefits include having a fresh perspective, enhancing your social strategy, and having an extra set of hands in your organization.

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Starting a Reading Program Is Good for the Company and for the Employees

As an employer, you want your employees, particularly younger employees, to be at the top of their career. You would like them to have insight into the latest practices toward getting the most out of themselves and their jobs. However, setting a goal to have the “perfect employee” can be a formidable undertaking. Some companies have invoked reading programs for their employees, in which employees read industry, business improvement, self-improvement and various other books to give themselves insight and skill to apply not only to their own company, but can also help them compete against similar companies.

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Why You Should Kill Your Employee of the Month Program

Employee-of-the-month programs can have many negative implications. If you have an employee recognition program, you might want to reflect on what the program means to your employees. Does such a program foster harder and more efficient workers who’d also like to be recognized, or does the program cause internal animosity between your employees, their departments and even levels of management?

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20 Professionalism Tips for Millennial Attorneys

To be a professional lawyer, one has to be competent, effective and respectful of the client and the justice system. Yet, what about more specific day-to-day actions a young attorney can take to ensure they are performing at the top of their profession as a lawyer? This article lists tips young lawyers should consider to bring out their best as a professional. Share these tips with the attorneys at your firm and make sure they are following them.

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