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Getting More Out of Your Job Posting


When you start posting jobs on various online and offline media, it becomes important for you to measure the outcome of the posting. Measuring the impact of your job postings will not just tell you whether your postings are being viewed by the right job seekers but also give you a heads up on whether an alternative approach is required to woo the target candidates.

Here are four key points to remember in order to be able to assess the results of your job postings:
  1. Use of Relevant Keywords: The use of the right keywords, apart from attracting candidates to view your job posting while scrolling through the listed jobs, also helps in pushing up your job posting rank in a keyword-based job search. Job seekers often initiate a keyword search for location and job title or even of the key skills required; hence, by using the perfect keywords, you can ensure that your job posting ranks high in the search results and is viewed by a majority of your target candidate pool.
  2. Specify Job Requirements Clearly: Often, job seekers lose interest in a posting when they find it inadequately worded or if they get the feeling that the individual who drafted the job listing is not very well versed with the requirements of the job. Hence, it makes sense to have the concerned department prepare the first draft of the posting, ensuring that the day-to-day responsibilities of the job are clearly listed out along with all the mandatory requirements.
  3. Differentiate between Mandatory and Preferred Skills: Each job requires some core skills that are a must and skills that are good to have. Therefore, clearly specify which of the requirements are absolutely necessary and which ones are a plus. Doing so will ensure that your posting does not scare off potentially good fits and minimize the applicant pool, thereby losing its effectiveness.
  4. Accept Online Applications: This option will make it very easy for candidates to apply for the job via a web form. Further, since all the applicants will have to do is click on a button and fill out a form, this will increase the chances of their responding to your posting. On your part, you need to ensure that the form is technically correct, helps capture all the necessary details of the applicant, and is user-friendly.
Following these above-mentioned tips will help you increase the visibility of your posting and the chances of its success, thereby giving you a substantial pool of good candidates for the advertised position.

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