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Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York Inc.

Main Office: 168 Water Street Second Floor | Binghamton | NY | 13901
Phone: 607-231-5900 | Fax: 607-724-7211

Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York Inc. - Reviews

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Awful!!(hands pinching nose)
Jun 17, 2022 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Get some more humbled less prideful coherent lawyers with more criminal justice experience and some pugliese bug specialist immediately. Wouldn't hurt to clear bedbugs away before telling people to sit down right away.

Comfy seats

Counterfeit lawyers who need more criminal justice experience before serving the public. Joanna was very inexperienced, incoherent, delusional and highly inexperienced(no pun intended) whom didn't even know her sixth or eighth amendments. Even commited vehicular stalking upon myself which clearly violates my sixth amendment. Smh.....I even left with bedbug bites which evidently proves their is a horrible bedbug infestation, yuck!! Smh...

Joanna for her pride, delusions of grandeur, and inexperience in criminal justice and paralegal services.

Comfy seats(without the bedbugs)

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