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Refugee Services of Texas

Main Office: 9696 Skillman, Suite​ 320 | Dallas | TX | 75243
Phone: 214-821-4883 | Fax: 214-821-4899



Headline: Discover the Excitement of Making a Difference at Refugee Services of Texas

Step into a world of compassion, resilience, and hope at Refugee Services of Texas (RST). Founded in 1978, RST is a social service agency that is dedicated to providing support and resettlement services to refugees and displaced individuals who have fled persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, and/or political opinion. With a remarkable track record of successfully resettling over 15,000 refugees since its inception, RST is a beacon of light for those seeking safety and a fresh start.

Located in the heart of Texas, RST operates service centers in Fort Worth, Austin, Amarillo, Dallas, and Houston. These vibrant communities are home to a diverse population, with individuals from over thirty different countries of origin seeking refuge and a chance to rebuild their lives. The majority of RST's clientele come from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Cuba, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Eritrea, and Somalia, each with their unique stories and experiences.

What sets RST apart is its unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support to those in need. From the moment refugees arrive on American soil, RST's dedicated staff members are there to guide them through the resettlement process, offering assistance with housing, employment, education, healthcare, and more. The agency's holistic approach ensures that refugees receive the necessary tools and resources to become self-sufficient and thrive in their new communities.

Working at RST is not just a job; it is an opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of individuals who have faced unimaginable hardships. The excitement lies in witnessing the resilience and determination of refugees as they overcome adversity and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Every day, staff members have the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of compassion and support.

The sense of community at RST is palpable. Staff members collaborate closely with each other, sharing their expertise and knowledge to provide the best possible care for refugees. The agency fosters an inclusive and supportive work environment, where everyone's contributions are valued and respected. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the office walls, as RST actively engages with local communities, forging partnerships and creating opportunities for refugees to integrate and thrive.

Joining the RST team means becoming part of a network of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference. The agency offers ongoing professional development opportunities, ensuring that staff members have the tools and knowledge to excel in their roles. The work is challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. Each success story, each life transformed, is a testament to the impact that RST has on the lives of refugees.

In conclusion, Refugee Services of Texas offers an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for those looking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of refugees and displaced individuals. The diverse communities served by RST, the comprehensive support provided, and the chance to witness the resilience and determination of refugees all contribute to an environment that is both rewarding and inspiring. Join RST and be a part of a team that is changing lives, one person at a time.

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