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Democracy Fund

Democracy Fund

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1333 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 730 | Washington | DC | 20036

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The Democracy Fund aspires to the highest ideals of the American republic — government of, by, and for the people. We invest in organizations working to ensure that our political system is responsive to the priorities of the American public and has the capacity to meet the greatest challenges facing our country. The Democracy Fund was created to respond to a troubling array of problems facing our nation’s political system. Trust in our governing institutions has reached historic lows as Congress’ approval ratings sinks into the single digits. Gridlock and hyper-partisanship have paralyzed our governing bodies, resulting in the least productive Congress in recent history and a political climate that makes problem solving all but impossible. The public’s voice is increasingly drowned out as political leaders become ever-more dependent on a relatively small group of large donors and special interests.

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