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Main Office:
21 E. Euclid Ave.,, Suite 100 | Haddonfield | | 08033
Phone: 856-427-4200  | Fax: 856-427-4241 

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Del Duca Lewis LLC Reviews

"Run in the Other Direction"

- Reviewed on July 05, 2017

Treat co-workers with respect. Say good morning to people. Try not to let your misery with your existence seep into the way you treat others. Don't threaten to fire people all the time. It doesn't inspire them. It makes them hate you even more. Your reputation as a small town land use attorney isn't enough. Be humane.

Pros : This office is in downtown Haddonfield which is close to lots of places for lunch and shopping. They pay on time, well below market value, but on time.
Cons : This is the worst place to work in the entire world. It is an awful, awful place. The partners are miserable, mean bullies. They ask you to do an assignment you've never done before and get mad if you have a question. They are terrible people. They can't get an associate to last more than 2.5 years. They fire people left and right without any warning or opportunity to improve. If you leave a nice, normal place to work here you will regret it forever.
Approve of the CEO[?] : Yes
Recommend this employer to a friend? : Yes
Business outlook for the next 6 months? : up
Current or former employee? : Former Employee
Last Year at Employer : 2017
Job type : Full time