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Genova Burns
Main Office: 494 Broad Street | Newark | NJ | 07102
Phone: 973.533.0777 | Fax: 973.533.1112

Genova Burns - Reviews

Genova Burns - Reviews

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Generally an above average firm
Sep 30, 2019 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Keep lines of communication open. Depending on your position in the firm, your ability access decision makers can be challenging.

The people. From assistants to Partners, it is a group of genuinely good, helpful people. The quality of law produced is also above average.

Associates have long hours, but where do they not?

Havent found one yet.

Camaraderie. it is truly a collegiate environment. Associates are permitted to actually DO things. There is a sense of team and the firm is generally

Management Should Work on Communication and Keeping Technology Up-to-Date
Aug 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Involve personnel at the lower levels in more aspects of the firm's decision making processes, and increase communication with them in general. Give IT the resources they need to succeed.

The support staff members I worked with were consistently friendly and skilled. Certain benefits were much appreciated, and those in management were pleasant to work with and eager to teach, on the occasions I did manage to get their attention.

The firm's IT assets seemed out of date at times, and I had difficulty convincing my superiors about the need for changes in this area - in fact, getting management to respond to valid complaints was typically problematic in general, unfortunately. Working hours could be relatively long, at times.

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