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104 West Franklin Avenue | Minneapolis | MN | 55404

Phone: 612-300-4000 | Fax: 612-824-1018

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Menk & Menk Law Office Reviews

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- Reviewed on Sep 09, 2017

Advice to law firm management: This firm needs to be better at cracking down on difficult employees. People are leaving this firm due to a lack of structure and how difficult it is for new employees to stay.

Pros: This firm stresses the importance of a healthy work environment and does its best to ensure employees aren't burnt out. The hours for this firm are fair and rarely have employees working overtime. They work hard to ensure employees are satisfied with their work balance.

Cons: Unfortunately this firm is not strict when it comes to management. Upper management tends to be very laid back which leads to an uneasy work environment at times. A lack of management leads to uneasy work environments and employees being left without a leader and structure.

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