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Weeks & Irvine, LLC

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Reviewed on January 30, 2023

As a former paralegal at Weeks & Irvine, LLC in North Charleston, SC, I have a unique perspective on the work environment and company culture. My time at the company was characterized by feeling overworked and undervalued. The company treated me like a robot, expecting me to be at 100% performance even when I was only recharged to 25%. There was zero work-life balance and the job took over my life. Despite these challenges, I did appreciate the overtime pay and 401k benefits offered by the company. However, these benefits were not enough to make up for the overbearing workload and lack of support from management. My coworkers were often catty and looked to deflect responsibility, creating a toxic work environment.

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At Weeks and Irvine we have just one goal: to remain the go-to law firm for existing and potential real estate clients in South Carolina. Our commitment to service and to our clients is deep and well established in the tri-county area (Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester) and is demonstrated by our long-term relationships with our clients and with many of the area’s top real estate brokerages and lenders.

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Weeks & Irvine, LLC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.