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Main Office:
3300 U.S. Steel Tower, 600 Grant Street | Pittsburgh | PA | 15219
Phone: 412-281-8000  | Fax: 412-281-1765 
Email: ramaley@zklaw.com 

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Zimmer Kunz PLLC Reviews

"Great firm"

- Reviewed on October 26, 2017

I think upper management should figure out a way to make things more welcoming for everyone and make things better suited to someone starting out.

Pros : This is a great firm to work for with tons of great people and lots to learn while you are there. I feel like I have learned a lot in my short time here.
Cons : I feel like you have to prove yourself at first and that can make you quite stressed out, while you get used to the atmosphere.
Current or former employee? : Current Employee

"Horrible management runs the employees into the ground"

- Reviewed on November 08, 2017

It is insurance defense, so it is expected to be a grind. This industry will never be a family-friendly practice because of the high volume of work that is required. But it does not have to feel like a sweat shop, which is the tone set by management and measurably changed with the changing of the guard from the founding partners to the current generation. It wouldn't take much to improve, just start treating people like something more than a dollar sign and make them feel appreciated. Make policies known, and transparent, and do not pull a bait and switch on requirements.

Pros : It is a good opportunity to learn a lot from some very experienced partners, and there are people that are genuinely good to work with and for.
Cons : Firm policies and practices are not effectively communicated, and you have to figure them out for yourself. Billable hours are unattainable. Not the stated billable requirement, which would be tough but manageable, but rather the "off the books" requirement that seems to change by the month. Essentially, nothing is ever good enough. There is an extremely inconsistent work load, which further makes it almost impossible to meet the billable requirement. Using your vacation time is very difficult, as the only "acceptable" reasons to take time off are viewed as your own wedding, birth of your child, or the death of an immediate family member, though you will be expected to be available for assignments even then. Overall, it is a very difficult place to work.
Approve of the CEO[?] : Yes
Recommend this employer to a friend? : Yes
Business outlook for the next 6 months? : up
Current or former employee? : Current Employee
Job type : Full time

"Inconsistent Workload"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

Upper management needs to be more of a factor here, maybe by even getting a shake up and fresh eyes. The firm is being hurt by the poor management.

Pros : There is great opportunity here. I learned a great amount, and got fantastic insight on a wide range of service areas. I found the office environment to be very friendly and positive. I never felt uncomfortable or out of place here.
Cons : I have to say, this firm is very confusing. When it comes time to get those billable hours done, they lessen the workload so it seems impossible to reach those high standards. While on the other hand, they
Current or former employee? : Current Employee

"Best Firm Ever"

- Reviewed on December 16, 2017

Ask questions, you will get answers. The work is hard but it can be done if you get some help.

Pros : I've only been here for a little over a year but I can say that this is hands-down the best firm I've ever worked for! I love it here.
Cons : There's a lot of work to be done but everyone treats you like family and will help however they can.
Current or former employee? : Current Employee