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Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, CHTD

Main Office: 808 Massachusetts Street | Lawrence | KS | 66044
Phone: 785-841-4700 | Fax: 785-843-0161

Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, CHTD - Reviews

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Shell Game Attorneys
Jul 15, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2018 Former Employee

If you want to be solely dedicated to LegalShield, be more honest about that in your hiring process and do what it takes to actually do what the LegalShield contract requires. Also, maybe take the time to actually train/encourage your employees instead of just cycling through staff & attorneys.

The Riling law firm is primarily serving LegalShield, a company that sells memberships to access legal services. This means that as long as that contract continues, Riling will have plenty of funds. If you satisfy the LegalShield review process, you'll probably be allowed to work there as long as you want, because the firm gets such a big profit from the LegalShield attorneys. Working on LegalShield does improve your knowledge of legal resources generally, including internet resources. It's not a bad starter job, but don't plan to stay there long-term unless you're comfortable being underpaid & undervalued.

They often misrepresent the opportunity to work on non-LegalShield cases. I was told when hired that I could "work my way out of LegalShield", but was later told by a colleague that "no one has ever done that." The office staff are all pleasant and professional, but the work environment is tough to bear because the non-partner attorneys are always on the phone. Prepare to be isolated throughout the work day, and prepare for your performance reviews to only cover negative issues related to LegalShield. I was never complimented or thanked for the cases I worked (and money I made the firm) outside of LegalShield, or praised for the good work I did for LegalShield members- the attitude among the partners is nothing but negative. Additionally, know that the partners encourage the LegalShield attorneys to manipulate the LegalShield members so that the firm avoids doing work that they should do under the LegalShield contract. Google Reviews has several examples of members who learned this the hard way.

I wouldn't expect any of the partners to be helpful for your professional development or your career. They're all old attorneys who can't be bothered with anything but counting their LegalShield profits. The firm has been passed down through the Riling family for multiple generations, and they only care about continuing that line. If you go to work there, keep your eyes open for your next job at all times, because there are many better places to go where partners work with you and help you succeed long-term.

Lots of good options at lunch.

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