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"A depressing workplace but great pay"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Dec 18, 2017

Advice to law firm management: I think that the firm could benefit in doing things that could lift the spirits of the employees up. A lot of us were pretty down all the time. It was a depressing workplace. I think certain things could really help with our spirits and morale. Even things like a bowling league or going out and getting drinks every now and then could really be beneficial for us.

Pros: I was given a very good salary right off the bat. I was paid very competitively. I also felt pretty appreciated as an employee. Even when I was new, I was given important projects. The higher-ups in the firm trusted me with big contracts. I was also given pretty regular raises. The pay was the thing that kept me around for as long as I worked there.

Cons: The worst part about working here is the fact that we do estate litigation. We had to deal with people who had their relatives pass away recently. It was truly depressing. These people were generally not in a good mental state. After a while, it really brings you down. I found myself thinking about death a lot. I was thinking about my own family, and how we would divvy up our estate. While I had a great salary, and made decent money. The depressing nature of the work I had to do was what really drove me away from the firm.

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