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2628 Barrett Street, | Virginia Beach | VA | 23452

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W. Ware Morrison Law Group Reviews

"HORRIBLE"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Oct 13, 2020

Advice to law firm management: Learn how to do your job and at least fake it until you make it, act like you care and just simply DO YOUR JOB

Pros: Nothing good about this firm AT ALL!!!

Cons: Unfortunately we didn’t check reviews first and learned the hard way!!! Horrible practice, unprofessional, rude, paid way too much for services not rendered and am completely unsatisfied!!! We could’ve done a better job ourselves than this law firm did! They called us for updates....what?!?! I’m supposed to call you for updates on my case that I’m paying you thousands to handle!!! Smh. Horrible! I had one lawyer, then we show up to court and when our case is called some guy I don’t know comes up and sits by me... apparently he was my new lawyer and no one felt the need to make us aware of this... this new lawyer at first seems a little better than the first one.... but nope, was even worse. They got our hopes up, they filed all types of petitions that were never needed or asked to be filed...they got their billing wrong and called asking for more money, but luckily I’d kept records of all money paid to them and after them being rude, guess what?! I got a call apologizing, and we were right?! Please do not waste your time or money on this practice!!!

Partners to Avoid and Why: All of them they’re pathetic thieves

Favorite Things About this Firm: NOTHING AT ALL!!!

Current or former employee?: Current Employee

Job type: Full time
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