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Borton Petrini Law Offices.
Main Office: 5060 California Avenue, Suite 700 | Bakersfield | CA | 93309
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Borton Petrini Law Offices.

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Reviewed on September 09, 2017

Installing some sort of benefits program for growing knowledge that will help the firm should be something that is here. When people feel that they are gaining something, they will be more willing to learn. Learning and expanding will help the firm grow even more and not continue to hinge on tried and true formulas of business.

The staff is personable and laid back. The firm really knows what is important and caters to that importance. The staff is nice and open to helping each other and anyone that is looking for help on a task. The benefits package was a huge plus as well, as the firm made sure that all staff was paid appropriately.

In most cases, if there is a problem the only answer was one that was immediately going to solve the problem. It really didn't matter what would happen in the future, as long as it was solved quickly. Another issue is that the firm doesn't really seem to mind that some staff aren't keen on learning beyond what they know. That hinders growth to some degree within the firm.

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When Fred Borton established his law practice in 1899, the 25th U.S. President William McKinley was in office, the Spanish-American War had just ended the year before, and a gallon of milk cost 27 cents. Many of today’s areas of practice did not exist. There were no class-action lawsuits nor were there toxic mold cases. There were no automobiles in the streets nor airplanes in the sky. Televisions, movie theaters, cell phones, desktop computers and the modern technological age were unimaginable. In fact, Fred Borton’s mode of transportation was a horse. James Petrini joined the Firm shortly after Fred Borton formed the business. Together, they forged a name for the Firm. Harry M. Conron joined the Firm in 1932. The three original partners formed a strong alliance of legal talent that would become one of California’s leading law firms with 10 strategically placed offices throughout California, from Sacramento to San Diego. This growth, from a small local firm to a statewide entity, is the product of expertise and scholarship. Borton Petrini, LLP holds an effective understanding of California, its people and its law. Throughout the 20th Century, the Firm’s partners became noted judges and justices within the California court system. Many of the Firm’s attorneys have helped to shape California law through precedent-setting cases. Borton Petrini, LLP has participated in the evolution of business practices, land use, estate and tax planning, water law, employment law, public entity, professional liability, intellectual property, environmental and health care law, to name a few. In the 21st Century, times have changed dramatically and so has the Firm. Yet, as in the beginning, you will find that our attorneys combine a blend of specialized knowledge and diverse experience.

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Borton Petrini Law Offices. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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