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Main Office: 1 Scott Place, 2 Hardman Street | Manchester | City and Borough of Manchester |
Phone: 440-161-603-5000 | Fax: 440-161-603-5050

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Reviewed on December 18, 2017
Former Employee

The firm needs to do more to prepare its own staff for advancement if they think the staff is unprepared. Always hiring outside candidates hurts employee morale and drives them away.

The firm goes out of its way to make employees feel welcome and to integrate its staff socially. The events and parties are delightful. The firm has a great reputation that will impress in networking.

The firm has a reputation for passing over current employees in favor of hiring from outside sources. This can be frustrating to watch.

Former Employee

   1 review


Experience the Excitement of Working at DWF: A Law Firm That Combines Commercial Excellence with Approachability

When it comes to choosing a law firm, attorneys and staff are constantly seeking an environment that offers both professional growth and a sense of fulfillment. Look no further than DWF, a firm that seamlessly blends excellent commercial guidance with a straightforward, approachable style. With a commitment to being the law firm of choice, DWF offers an exciting and rewarding experience for all who join its ranks.

Firm Description:
DWF is a leading global legal business that provides a comprehensive range of legal services to clients across various industries. With a presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North America, DWF boasts an extensive network of offices, ensuring that clients receive top-notch legal advice and representation wherever they may be.

At DWF, the firm's ethos revolves around combining legal expertise with a practical and down-to-earth approach. This unique blend allows attorneys and staff to deliver exceptional service to clients while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor. DWF's commitment to innovation and embracing technology sets it apart from other law firms, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the legal industry.

Important Information about the Firm:
DWF's success can be attributed to its diverse and talented team of attorneys and staff. With a focus on fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture, DWF encourages individuals to bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table. This emphasis on diversity and inclusion not only creates a vibrant and dynamic work environment but also enables the firm to better understand and serve its clients' needs.

Furthermore, DWF places great importance on professional development and growth. The firm offers a range of training programs and opportunities for attorneys and staff to enhance their skills and knowledge. Whether it's through mentorship programs, workshops, or external training courses, DWF is dedicated to helping its employees reach their full potential.

Benefits of Joining the Firm:
Working at DWF comes with a multitude of benefits that make it an exciting choice for attorneys and staff. Here are just a few reasons why joining the firm can be a game-changer for your career:

1. Global Opportunities: With offices around the world, DWF provides attorneys and staff with the chance to work on international projects and gain exposure to different legal systems and cultures. This global outlook opens doors to exciting career prospects and the chance to work with clients from diverse backgrounds.

2. Collaborative Environment: DWF fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork, where individuals are encouraged to share ideas and work together to achieve the best outcomes for clients. This supportive environment not only enhances professional growth but also creates lasting friendships and connections.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology: As a firm that embraces innovation, DWF leverages the latest technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Attorneys and staff have access to state-of-the-art tools and systems, allowing them to deliver exceptional service to clients and stay ahead in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

4. Work-Life Balance: DWF understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The firm offers flexible working arrangements, recognizing that individuals have personal commitments and responsibilities outside of work. This commitment to work-life balance ensures that attorneys and staff can thrive both professionally and personally.

5. Social Responsibility: DWF is deeply committed to making a positive impact on society. Through its various corporate social responsibility initiatives, the firm actively supports charitable causes and encourages employees to get involved in pro bono work. This commitment to social responsibility allows attorneys and staff to contribute to meaningful causes and make a difference in their communities.

In conclusion, DWF offers an exciting and fulfilling experience for attorneys and staff. With its unique blend of commercial excellence and approachability, the firm provides a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can thrive and grow. From global opportunities to cutting-edge technology and a commitment to work-life balance, joining DWF opens doors to a rewarding career in the legal industry.

Practice Areas

DWF. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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