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Weiner Law Group LLP
Main Office: 629 Parsippany Road, | Parsippany | NJ | 07054-0438
Phone: 973-403-1100 | Fax: 973-403-0010

Weiner Law Group LLP - Reviews

Weiner Law Group LLP - Reviews

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Business Law Firm
Dec 16, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Consider the quality of life for your employees with family. Add some staff or more lawyers to take some of the load off people so they can enjoy their life and the money they make.

They have a very well structured office and nice working environment. They don't supervise you to death and allow you to do things your own way. It's a very prestigious firm and working here will convey a sense of establishment to your career.

There are a lot of long hours involved with many of cases, so be prepared for late nights and lost weekends with few breaks. It's very fast paced and can be challenging for new lawyers.

Excellent Staff
Oct 24, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Provide better pay and reduce workplace stress.

The staff is excellent. Benefits are decent. There is room to grow.

The pay is not very good. The workload can be heavy and stressful at times.

WeinerLesniak: A Highly Respected Law firm Composed of Highly Respected Lawyers
Aug 04, 2016 - Current Employee Partner in Parsippany,NJ City,
Full time Current Employee

Management probably should take more time to mentor younger, inexperienced attorney's in marketing skills. There should be more day by day review by supervising attorney's of current cases.

Freedom to practice law at a very high level . Lack of constant management overview. Excellent compensation gaged by production and without limits. Attorneys work together for a common result. Experienced attorney's. Great work atmosphere. Opportunities for great mentorship for younger attorney's. Attorney's get the benefit working with a well known firm with the courts. Partnerships are available for hard working attorney's. Congenial working environment.

Joining WeinerLesniak as an established attorney with a book of cases will present more opprop Joining WeinerLesniak with a book of cases and business is a must in order to achieve a partnership and significant compensation. Starting salaries are probably a little lower but opportunities are more for growth and development if you know how and can market yourself in the legal community.

1-2 years

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