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11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Sixth Floor | Los Angeles | CA | 90025-6538
Phone: 310-445-0800  | Fax: 310-473-2525 

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Selman Breitman LLP Reviews

"Lack of Superior Care"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on September 02, 2017

Advice to law firm management: The superiors and partners at the firm need to do a better job of communicating with the subordinates. An example would be having more meetings and events. The pay and benefits are also something that can be improved.

Pros: The associates that work here are all nice, from the attorneys to the interns. Everybody seems to get along. The work place is decent enough when it comes to the atmosphere. The resources are okay.

Cons: Even though I like the people I work with, I think the superiors are too closed off from the subordinates. It is difficult to communicate with them. Because of this, some of the work suffers. The pay and benefits aren't great either.

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