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3 Star Rating


Wicker Smith

Main Office: 2900 SW 28th Terrace | Miami | FL | 33133
Phone: 305-448-3939 |

Wicker Smith - Reviews

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Alright for a Short Stay, at Least
Dec 16, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

Create an atmosphere that encourages professionalism and development. Do something about persistent troublemakers who don't pull their own weight. If some changes are not made, many people will continue to simply use the firm as a stepping stone to another workplace that's more desirable and lucrative.

Hours are rather reasonable. Tech is usually up to date. Firm is generally organized and well-run in certain ways, and is a decent choice for a new graduate.

Pay tends to be fairly poor. Not many opportunities for promotion. Too much gossip and drama in certain departments. You get the impression that few people are invested in a long-term career at the law firm.

Pay is not Competitive Enough
Oct 26, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

This firm really needs to start to be more generous in terms of salary and overtime pay. I also believe that employees at this firm should have more room for growth with more frequent reviews.

Staff is very friendly as were my fellow coworkers. The work was always interesting and there was plenty of over time (even though it was underpaid). I also received plenty of help from my coworkers whenever I requested and was in need of it.

The pay is not competitive enough and there is a real lack of growth at this firm. I felt as though I was being underpaid and was not being paid enough especially for the amount of over time that I was putting in.

Healthy work environment with supportive colleagues
Jun 05, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Properly spending the time and resources it takes to build the support staff attorneys need at this firm will be a smart investment for the future of this firm. Allowing for an open-door communication policy between the staff and management in particular may also benefit the overall sustainability of the support staff. I noticed while I was here that while you are working with some of the top attorneys in the area, you may not always get access to the mentorship program the firm frequently touts. Actually allowing the time and resources for mentorship to turn into working, professional relationships could lead to the bright future the firm envisions for itself.

Healthy work environment with supportive colleagues

With a demanding workload and not quite enough staff to meet those demands, productivity actually drops off. I think the management needs to be more mindful of struggling employees and provide the support they need.

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