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Rubin and Rudman LLP

Main Office: 50 Rowes Wharf, | Boston | MA | 02110
Phone: 617-330-7000 | Fax: 617-330-7550

Rubin and Rudman LLP - Reviews

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Ongoing family issues involving inheritance and bias on part of Roland Gray
Sep 22, 2018 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Get rid of the Grays. This firm is only interested in finances and should be audited for fraud. Roland Gray will avoid any issues he is "not comfortable" dealing with.

Rubin and Rudman had the best lawyers but most have left. The firm had a wonder view but they now have downgraded to State Street.

Roland Gray is a snake and should be forced to retire, except no one seems to be in charge. I have sent numerous emails to Rubin and Rudman LLP including the Washing , DC office and have never received answers to my concerns.

Roland Gray and his son "Fuzzy" Gray. I doubt "Fuzzy' shows up for work most days as he is probably on the road with his " Family Singing Group".....Check out his resume.

It use to be the view. Now they have downgraded to State Street. .The gals at the front desk are wonderful considering what they have to deal with...

Prestige History and Reputation
Sep 02, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

I think it would be beneficial if the partners and superiors offered more of a way for different departments to communicate with each other. This would create more efficiency when dealing with some cases. Having more meetings and firm events could also help.

This is a firm that has a good list of clientele due to the trust it has earned among the community throughout the years. This affords attorneys such as I to take part in really important cases. The benefits, resources, and pay are all great.

If I can think of a flaw at this firm it's that there doesn't seem to be much in terms of communication between the different departments.

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