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Pierce Atwood LLP

Main Office: 254 Commercial Street | Portland | ME | 04101
Phone: 207-791-1100 | Fax: 207-791-1350

Pierce Atwood LLP - Reviews

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A firm that has an excellent reputation in the community and can be a terrific jump-off point for many associates
May 19, 2024 - Current Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Current Employee

You should see what you can do at this firm, if you are selected. You might find the application process is intimidating and quite thorough. But the process is designed to find the best of the best.

You will get to know some top lawyers, and judges will look upon you with more respect and admiration than they might have otherwise. You will work hard here and you will have to earn respect, but you will definitely polish your reputation with others.

Many attorneys will not care for the long work weeks and slow chances to make partner. You won't find many chances to advance here. Getting into the partnership club is a real feat. Most won't make it.

10+ years

Lack's Leadership
May 19, 2024 - Former Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Former Employee

Management needs to get on top of things and schedule weekly or possibly even bi weekly meetings to keep everyone on task and make sure that deadlines are met.

I found the starting pay to be excellent. The hours and availability was very flexibility in terms of when you want to work which I enjoyed.

There is a real lack of leadership at this firm. Everyone seems to be off doing their own thing regardless of deadlines or who might need help. Too much gossiping occurs as a result as well.

10+ years

The Pierce Atwood LLP review was of the highest caliber, earning exceptional praise.
May 19, 2024 - Former Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Full time 2021 Former Employee

4.Current Employee, more than 8 yearsReviewGeneral Manager in Boston, MARecommendProsFlexibility has become a plus.ConsNone that I can think of.

10+ years

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