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Total Wine & More

Main Office: 11325 Seven Locks Rd., Suite 214 | Potomac | MD | 20854
Phone: 855-330-6673 |




Total Wine & More: The Ultimate Destination for Wine Enthusiasts

Total Wine & More, America's Wine Superstore®, is a haven for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Founded by brothers David and Robert Trone in 1991, this independent retailer of fine wine has grown to become the largest of its kind in the country. With over 80 superstores spread across 11 states, Total Wine & More is dedicated to providing an unparalleled selection of wines from all corners of the globe.

What sets Total Wine & More apart from other retailers in the United States is their unwavering commitment to offering the best wine selection. While many competitors focus on specific geographic areas or price categories, Total Wine & More prides itself on carrying more than 8,000 different wines, representing every wine-producing region in the world. Whether you're searching for a rare vintage or a budget-friendly option, you're sure to find the perfect bottle at Total Wine & More.

For employees, working at Total Wine & More offers a unique and exciting opportunity. The company's dedication to excellence and passion for wine creates an environment that fosters growth and learning. Employees have the chance to expand their knowledge of wines from around the world, gaining expertise that sets them apart in the industry.

Total Wine & More understands that a well-informed team is essential to providing exceptional customer service. As such, they invest in ongoing training and development programs for their employees. From wine education classes to tasting events, Total Wine & More ensures that their staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to assist customers in finding the perfect bottle for any occasion.

Moreover, Total Wine & More values its employees and recognizes their contributions. The company offers competitive compensation packages, including benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and employee discounts. This not only ensures the well-being of their employees but also demonstrates Total Wine & More's commitment to creating a supportive and rewarding work environment.

Additionally, Total Wine & More encourages career growth and advancement within the company. With their rapid expansion, there are ample opportunities for employees to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Whether it's moving up the ranks within a specific store or exploring opportunities at different locations, Total Wine & More provides a platform for employees to build a successful and fulfilling career in the wine industry.

Beyond the professional benefits, working at Total Wine & More offers a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. The company's superstores are designed to be more than just retail spaces; they are destinations for wine lovers to explore and indulge in their passion. The stores feature extensive wine sections, complemented by a wide selection of spirits, beers, and other beverages. Customers can also find a range of accessories, glassware, and gourmet food items, making Total Wine & More a one-stop-shop for all their wine-related needs.

Total Wine & More's commitment to the community is another aspect that makes working for the company exciting. They actively engage with local organizations and charities, supporting causes that align with their values. Employees have the opportunity to participate in these initiatives, contributing to the betterment of their communities and making a positive impact beyond the walls of the store.

In conclusion, Total Wine & More offers an exhilarating and fulfilling experience for its employees. With its vast selection of wines, commitment to employee development, and vibrant work environment, Total Wine & More is the ultimate destination for wine enthusiasts looking to turn their passion into a career. Whether you're a seasoned wine expert or just starting your journey, Total Wine & More provides the perfect platform to thrive in the world of wine.

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