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Cytokinetics, Inc.

Main Office: 280 East Grand Avenue | South San Francisco | CA | 94080
Phone: 650-624-3000 | Fax: 650-624-3010

South San Francisco


Cytokinetics is a different kind of company. It is increasingly unusual that an emerging growth biotechnology company would be dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutics. Similarly, it is more and more uncommon for a biopharmaceutical company to leverage their expertise in one area, in our case the cytoskeleton and the biology of muscle function, to tackle the pursuit of new treatments for multiple disease areas. However, the most important distinguishing feature of Cytokinetics is instead found in our commitment to innovation that has translated our focus on the cytoskeleton into a Research and Development pipeline of multiple, first-in-class compounds. All of the programs we are pursuing offer entirely novel therapeutic approaches to severe unmet clinical needs. The reason is simple. Innovative therapeutics are much more likely to bring substantial benefits to patients. That is our goal.

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