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The Chubb Corporation

Main Office: 15 Mountain View Road | Warren | NJ | 07059
Phone: 908-903-2000 | Fax: 908-903-2027



Discover the Excitement of Working at The Chubb Corporation

When it comes to finding a fulfilling and exciting career, The Chubb Corporation stands out as a top choice for employees. With a rich history spanning over 130 years, this renowned insurance company has been providing exceptional property and casualty insurance products and services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Boasting a global presence with offices in 26 countries and a workforce of 10,200 employees, The Chubb Corporation has firmly established itself as the 12th largest property and casualty insurer in the United States.

With $52.2 billion in assets and $13.6 billion in revenues reported in 2012, The Chubb Corporation has consistently demonstrated its financial strength and stability. This impressive track record has earned the company recognition as the 202nd largest U.S.-based corporation according to Fortune magazine. Such accolades not only instill confidence in clients but also provide employees with a sense of pride and security in their association with the company.

One of the key factors that make working at The Chubb Corporation so exciting is the company's commitment to excellence. The company's dedication to delivering exceptional insurance products and services is deeply ingrained in its culture. Employees are encouraged to think creatively, challenge the status quo, and constantly strive for improvement. This culture of excellence fosters an environment where employees are empowered to make a real impact and contribute to the company's success.

Furthermore, The Chubb Corporation values its employees and recognizes their contributions. The company offers a range of benefits and opportunities for professional growth and development. From comprehensive health and wellness programs to competitive compensation packages, employees are well taken care of at The Chubb Corporation. The company also provides extensive training and development programs to help employees enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Another aspect that sets The Chubb Corporation apart is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company recognizes the value of different perspectives and experiences and actively promotes a diverse workforce. By fostering an inclusive environment, The Chubb Corporation encourages collaboration, innovation, and creativity among its employees. This not only enhances the overall work experience but also enables the company to better serve its diverse customer base.

Moreover, The Chubb Corporation is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility. The company actively engages in philanthropic initiatives and supports various charitable organizations. Employees have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities and make a positive impact in their communities. This sense of purpose and the opportunity to give back further contribute to the excitement and fulfillment of working at The Chubb Corporation.

In conclusion, The Chubb Corporation offers employees an exciting and fulfilling work experience. With its rich history, global presence, and financial strength, the company provides a solid foundation for employees to build their careers. The culture of excellence, commitment to employee well-being, and emphasis on diversity and inclusion create an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration. Furthermore, the company's dedication to corporate social responsibility allows employees to make a positive impact beyond the workplace. For those seeking an exciting and rewarding career, The Chubb Corporation is undoubtedly a top choice.

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