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U.S. Dept. of Justice

Main Office: 950 Pennsylvania Avenu | Washington | DC | 20530-0001
Phone: 202-514-2000 |



Unlock the Excitement: Join the U.S. Department of Justice and Make a Difference

When it comes to working for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the possibilities are endless. As the nation's premier law enforcement agency, the DOJ plays a pivotal role in upholding justice, protecting the rights of citizens, and ensuring the rule of law. With a rich history dating back to the Judiciary Act of 1789, the DOJ has evolved into a dynamic organization that offers an exciting and fulfilling career for those who are passionate about making a difference.

The U.S. Department of Justice is the embodiment of the government's commitment to justice and fairness. It is responsible for enforcing federal laws, prosecuting criminals, and defending the interests of the United States. With a wide range of responsibilities, the DOJ covers a diverse array of areas, including civil rights, national security, antitrust, environmental protection, and much more. This breadth of focus ensures that no two days are the same for DOJ staff, making it an exhilarating place to work.

One of the most compelling aspects of working for the DOJ is the opportunity to work on high-profile and impactful cases. From prosecuting white-collar criminals to fighting against human trafficking, DOJ staff are at the forefront of some of the most significant legal battles in the country. The chance to contribute to these cases and make a tangible difference in society is a driving force for many who join the DOJ.

Moreover, the DOJ offers a unique platform for professional growth and development. With its vast resources and commitment to excellence, the DOJ provides its employees with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. From attending specialized training programs to collaborating with top legal minds, DOJ staff are constantly challenged to push their boundaries and reach their full potential. This commitment to personal and professional growth ensures that working at the DOJ is not just a job but a transformative experience.

In addition to the intrinsic rewards of working for the DOJ, there are also numerous practical benefits that come with being part of the government. The DOJ offers competitive salaries, comprehensive health and retirement benefits, and generous leave policies. These perks, combined with the stability and security of a government job, provide a solid foundation for a fulfilling career and a comfortable lifestyle.

Furthermore, the DOJ fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment. With a workforce that reflects the rich tapestry of America, the DOJ recognizes the value of different perspectives and experiences. This commitment to diversity not only enhances the quality of work produced but also creates a vibrant and supportive community for employees. The DOJ is dedicated to ensuring that every staff member feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique talents.

Joining the U.S. Department of Justice is not just a career choice; it is a calling. It is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself and to work towards a more just and equitable society. Whether you are a seasoned legal professional or a recent graduate, the DOJ offers a multitude of paths to embark on a rewarding and impactful career. So, unlock the excitement, embrace the challenge, and join the ranks of the U.S. Department of Justice. Together, let us shape a better future for all.

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