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How to Fix Unequal Pay in your Business


Summary: Read these articles to find out how you should deal with gender pay gaps in your business.

How to Fix Unequal Pay in your Business

Unequal pay has been a concern for many businesses and business owners, especially those who seek to treat their employees fairly. If your business suffers from unequal pay, utilize these articles to assist you toward correcting what continues to exist as the most unfair and biased situation in today’s business world.
How to Fix Unequal Pay

While there will always be some sort of discrepancy with your employees’ pay, this article offers strong advice as to how owners can take proactive steps to even out their employees’ pay.
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5 Ways to Fix the Gender Pay Gap

A gender pay gap can destroy your workforce. Learn what options you can take in this article to avoid such a pay gap, and pay your employees in a more proper, traditional and fair manner.
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How Do We Close the Wage Gap in the US?

While the gender pay gap is the narrowest it’s ever been, in the US, that gap is 2.5 times the size of other industrialized countries. This article offers advice as to how managers can mitigate the wage gap in their own companies.
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Closing the Gender Pay Gap Could Have Big Economic Benefits

Have you considered the economic benefits of closing the gender pay gap? If not this article explains how narrowing this gap will be beneficial to the economy.
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Understanding the Gender Wage Gap in the Legal Profession

Gender wage gaps also exist within law firms. As a law firm manager/partner you need to know where and why it exists, which this article explains.
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