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LawCrossing CEO Says Legal Secretary Jobs Taking a Hit from April and Will Pick Up by End of This Month
May 21, 2013
Pasadena, CA - Today, LawCrossing.com, a portal on legal jobs confirmed recent media reports of law firms reducing their legal staff. While, as of today, LawCrossing.com has 3490 jobs for legal secretaries listed across U.S., few new legal secretary jobs have been listed since the middle of April, and the situation may continue to end of May.

On May 13, 2013, law industry blog Above the Law reported that two leading law firms were reducing the number of legal secretaries they had on payroll.

While the law firms themselves insist that the layoffs and retirements were happening in response to technological development and changes in work-style of new attorneys, restructuring the way law firms work and a tighter economy also contributed to the headcount reductions.

In particular, legal secretaries seem vulnerable at the moment, because what previously required highly skilled workers can now be done with relatively lesser skill and better computer facilities and programs. So, in many cases, attorneys are shouldering part of the critical workloads of legal secretaries.

However, the CEO of LawCrossing, Harrison Barnes, thinks this is a temporary affair. Barnes said, “Headcount reductions happen in many verticals in the months preceding June, and this is a recurring pattern we are aware of in the legal industry, particularly with regard to legal staff. The numbers of listings in legal jobs starts slowing down in late April and the first week of May, and then picks up full scale. Even if things are very bad, we are bound to see the number of job openings for legal secretaries picking up by the end of May”

Barnes insists that legal secretaries are a group of employees with highly transferable skill sets and it is easy for them to find jobs in other sectors. “It’s the same as JDs,” says Barnes, “We see almost half of those who graduate from law schools go into jobs that value their law degree, but do not require them to be attorneys. Similarly, there are many jobs for secretaries out there, where a legal secretary with a law firm background would be better paid and more secure.”

The only thing that legal secretaries need to watch out for, is that a great number of legal jobs that require the skill sets of a legal secretary, may not have the phrase “legal secretary” in their titles. So, according to Barnes, legal secretaries have to cast their job searches a bit wider, and include related job titles that correspond to their skill sets.

Currently, according to the data available on LawCrossing.com, there are about 14, 000 jobs for legal staff, though only about 3490 have the word “legal secretary” in their title.

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Andrew Ostler
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