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Main Office:
750 Lexington Avenue, 25th Floor | New York City | NY | 10022
Phone: 212-333-0200  | Fax: 212-333-2350 

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Arkin Solbakken LLP Reviews

"Great Place to Learn But Somewhat Competitive"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on October 26, 2017

Management should help junior attorneys to feel more comfortable with new assignments. Also, I recommend delegating some of the work to each person so that the environment does not become even more competitive than it already is.

Pros : I have learned much from working at this law firm. My co-workers are also highly intelligent with great people skills.
Cons : The law firm can be competitive at times when associates try to obtain the best contracts and cases. If you are not a competitive person, this may not be the right type of job for you.
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"This is a firm with a good reputation and a chance to change the world"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

This firm represents a great opportunity for an associate to grow into a career and make a difference. This firm is highly recommended.

Pros : This firm has represented a lot of clients whose cases represented a positive impact on the larger community. Associates should want to work here for the chance to grow as a lawyer and as a person. There are a lot of good lessons here.
Cons : There isn't much to say here, except that the work environment can be tough and competitive. You will be competing directly with your coworkers for those top jobs and partnership offers. Make sure you know what you are getting into.
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"I did not enjoy my stay at this firm"      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on December 16, 2017

This firm need's a complete re haul. I really believe that new secretary's should be put in place and new attorney's put in place as well.

Pros : I suppose the work is interesting. But the work is also very complicated and requires a lot of knowledge to work on of which I was unable to gain at this firm.
Cons : The staff here are very tough to work with. My secretary seemed like she did not care much about me or my work. I also felt as though all of the other attorney's only cared about themselves and were very selfish.
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