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Main Office:
1250 24th Street, Suite 700 | Washington | DC | 20037
Phone: 202-349-8000  | Fax: 202.349.8080 
Email: sambrose@buckleysandler.com 

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BuckleySandler LLP Reviews

"Great pay and fantastic bonuses."

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

Maybe management should crack down on rumors and gossip during work hours.Give Buckley Sandler a try if you want market beating pay and great perks, but if you aren't a fan of the occasional drama storm then this firm might not be for you.

Pros : Buckley Sandler is a great place to work, for the most part.The firm is diverse and management makes a special effort to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Pay is fantastic, and bonuses are out of this world.
Cons : Office drama can sometimes blossom and keep growing until it seems like it's all anyone can think about.
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