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Dayzad Law Offices, P.C.
Start quote Our HR person who posted the job on your site informed me that the website was good and they didn't have any issues posting the job. They also received good number of responses. The overall experience was good. End quote

  • Dayzad Law Offices, P.C.
  • Los Angeles, California
Alamo Claim Service
Start quote The experience was really good; we did get a large number of applicants and will surely be back if we have any posting. End quote

  • Alamo Claim Service
  • San Antonio, Texas
UC Office of the President
Start quote We posted many positions on your site. We are satisfied with the responses we got and quite happy with the services. Posting jobs on the website is also hassle free. End quote

  • UC Office of the President
  • San Diego, California
Brownstone, PA
Start quote The service was really good. It was very easy to post and the payment process was also very easy. The navigation through the website was really good and we would surely love to post again in future if we get any openings. Also we did receive many relevant applications from the website. End quote

  • Brownstone, PA
  • Winter Park, Florida
TRADEBE Environmental Services
Start quote I have got a very positive response from your website. I did use the website couple of times and each time I had a good experience, currently we are in the process of third round interviews, so I am happy. End quote

  • TRADEBE Environmental Services
  • Meriden, Connecticut
Whole Foods Market
Start quote I think everything went fine for us; we didn't have any problems with the service. Currently we are in the process of interviews for that posting. End quote

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Austin, Texas
Bernard Hodes Group
Start quote The website was user friendly and informative. We didn't have any issues or problems in posting our jobs, and it yielded a fair amount of responses. End quote

  • Bernard Hodes Group
  • New York City, New York
Jonathan D. Davis, P.C.
Start quote The website was good for us as it met our expectation. We were able to a hire a person from that posting, so it was all good. End quote

  • Jonathan D. Davis, P.C.
  • New York City, New York
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
Start quote It was fine, the website was ok and the applications were also good. End quote

  • Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
  • Los Angeles, California
Lindner & Marsack, S.C.
Start quote It was easy to use and pretty straightforward. We got a few applications and they were relevant too. End quote

  • Lindner & Marsack, S.C.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
State Farm Insurance
Start quote The service was quite good, the cost is also normal. End quote

  • State Farm Insurance
  • Diamond Bar, California
Scott & Scott, LLP
Start quote I very much enjoyed using your service and I was happy that I received a good number of responses from the job seekers. I did hire a candidate through our own source, but I was satisfied with your service and look forward to post jobs in near future. End quote

  • Scott & Scott, LLP
  • Southlake, Texas
Bush Seyferth & Paige PLLC
Start quote The service was really good, The process was really easy. End quote

  • Bush Seyferth & Paige PLLC
  • Troy, Michigan
Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.
Start quote It is very easy post the jobs and the charges are reasonable. End quote

  • Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, P.C.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
ACell, Inc.
Start quote I had a good experience with the website, we did get good number of resumes for the posting, and eventually we did hire someone. It was good and would surely use the service again. End quote

  • ACell, Inc.
  • Columbia, Maryland
Torre,Lentz, Gamell, Gary & Rittmaster
Start quote We didn't face any problems in using the website, and we eventually ended up hiring someone, so it was good. End quote

  • Torre,Lentz, Gamell, Gary & Rittmaster
  • Jericho, New York
Start quote The service was fine. Overall it was a good experience. End quote

  • Santa Clara County Office of Education
  • San Jose, California
Slaughter & Reagan, LLP
Start quote The service was good, I like the website and it was easy to use. I did get lot of applications. The service was worth the cost and I will surely come back to use it, if I have some more postings. End quote

  • Slaughter & Reagan, LLP
  • Ventura, California
Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA)
Start quote The website was very helpful and we were able to find a candidate through LawCrossing. We would sign up again, if we need the service in future. End quote

  • Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA)
  • Santa Clara, California, USA
MayesTelles PLLC
Start quote I appreciate the opportunity to list jobs on LawCrossing and the prompt customer service. Thank you. End quote

  • MayesTelles PLLC
  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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