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Summary: Read these articles to find out methods you can use to get the most out of your employees.

What to do when your Employees don’t have enough to do?

Sometimes in a work environment, there simply isn’t enough work available to truly challenge our employees. This isn’t to say they should be fired for not having enough work; but instead, their work responsibilities should be rethought and reconfigured to make them more viable team members.
7 Reasons Why Employees Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It

This article outlines the growing problem of worker inefficiency within the work place.
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Ten Reasons Your Employees Don't Care

Employees who don’t care can be a make or break issue within a business. Find out through this article how you can make and/or keep your employees engaged at work.
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11 Tips for Talking About Poor Performance

Believe it or not, your communications skills may be the barrier between your employees doing well at their jobs or not. This article provides 11 tips you can utilize to turn poor employee performances into great performances.
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What to Do When a Team Member Isn't Pulling Their Weight

An employee who doesn’t pull their weight can be a detriment to an entire workforce. Read this article to gain advice as to the best way to deal with employees who don’t pull their weight.
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Managing Partners Say Their Lawyers are Underperforming and Slow to Change

Even law firms have issues of underperforming employees/attorneys in their office. Through this article, see how you as a managing partner can bring up the performance of sub-performing attorneys in your firm.
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Are Lawyers Horrible Bosses?

Law firms aren’t known for treating their employees, particularly their new associates with fairness. Thus the question is asked and answered in this article: do lawyers make moral and upright bosses, or horrible bosses? In some cases yes, in others not so much.
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