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Helping Your Employees Save


Summary: How can you help your employees save for retirement? Find out in this article.

Helping Your Employees Save

Raises are no longer a regular occurrence in today’s work world. Employees at one time expected raises on a yearly basis, and we as employers felt content with ourselves that we could provide those raises. Things have changed, though, and the yearly raise has been replaced in recent years by savings programs such as the 401(k), where in some cases, employers match worker contributions into the worker's retirement savings plan.

Most employers truly hope their employees are able to have successful lives while they work and retire, which are grounds for the 401(k) and saving money. This roundup showcases the importance and responsibility we have as employers to help our employees save so that they can have strong lifestyles once they retire from our companies.
Help Your Employees Save for Retirement by Educating Them

This article reveals the importance of a manager to educate his or her workers about the importance of saving for retirement, particularly if a 401(k) program is incorporated throughout the workforce.
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Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

If you own or run a small business, it will benefit both you and your employees to know of and understand the retirement plans available to a company of your size.
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Small Business Owners Can Improve Employee Retirement Planning

As a small business owner or manager, you should take the initiative to not only adequately employ your workers, but help ensure their lives beyond work will be adequate, particularly when they retire.
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7 Small Business Owners on How They Are Saving Up for Retirement

In this article, 7 small business owners share how they are solidifying their own retirement futures with wise retirement investments.
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How Congress Can Help Small Business Employees Save for Retirement

Regardless of your views of government, the government can have a (helpful) hand in assisting business owners and employees maximize their retirement savings.
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Saving for Retirement if You Work for a Small Business

While this article is aimed at workers, it still holds value for business owners who would like to know what their employees expect in the way of retirement savings.
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Why Small Businesses Should Start Offering Retirement Plans in 2017

The federal government and some state governments have begun to insist employers provide savings programs for their employees. The plus about this now is technology makes it easier and less expensive to offer retirement benefits to its employees.
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Best Retirement Plans for Small Businesses in 2018

This article lists the best employee 2018 retirement plans for your small business.
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Why Small Business Owners Don’t Offer a 401(k) (But Why They Should)

Some companies do not offer retirement savings programs for its employees. This could be a big mistake. Find out why in this article.
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A 401(K) Retirement Plan is not an Option; It's a Must for All Companies: Op-Ed

This Op-Ed piece highlights why it’s imperative that all companies should make it mandatory to offer a 401(k) program for its employees.
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What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about Planning for Retirement

This article showcases the aspects of retirement that can affect attorneys, and what they must know about these aspects.
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Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes Lawyers Make

Attorneys may know law and how to argue the wrongs, rights, pros and cons of law. Yet at the same time, some attorneys may not know about the importance of retirement planning. Find out what lawyers need to know about their own retirement as they proceed through their legal career.
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